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RSA 12/12/2016

Luckily this week my senility is at a low point, so I managed to remember to both get the show done and post it. In the immortal words of MC 900ft. Jesus: "Suppose I accidentally got my shit together..." We're only 2 weeks away from the annual best-of and


 2016-12-13  36m

RSA 12/05/2016

We're getting into the home stretch, the end of 2016 is rapidly approaching, and we can finally leave our annus horribilis that was 2016 behind us. To make matter worse, I had everything ready to go yesterday and got caught up in my day job that I forgot


 2016-12-06  36m

RSA 11/28/2016

I managed to get this show done a little early this week so that I could begin work compiling and recording the annual end of the year Best Of show. Well because I'm so productive, and the weekend cycling season is truly over, I have time to get a couple


 2016-11-30  40m

RSA 11/21/2016

Snow, blowing winds, and a need to listen to all of the shows from 2016 have given me lots of time indoors over the past few days to work on both this weeks great new show and the annual best of for 2016. That show is just a month away, and I think its go


 2016-11-22  41m

RSA 11/14/2016

Cycling season is rapidly coming to a close, so that means that I no longer venture outdoors much on the weekend, and dedicate my time to playing World of Warships and working on RSA. As I mentioned last week, I've already started compiling tracks for the


 2016-11-15  39m

RSA 11/07/2016

So now that all of the T-Shirts have been mailed (and we still have a few left for sale!) I now get to start ruminating on the best of for 2016. I've already got a few picks, and I'm re-listening to the older shows and making notes. If you have a suggesti


 2016-11-09  45m

RSA 10/31/2016

Spoooooky! This weeks RSA falls on Hallowe'en! Maybe I should have just played Ministry and Bauhaus about 100 times, or created one of those "10 hours of" videos on YouTube. But in case you might not be interested in being trolled, I got a great new show


 2016-10-30  36m

RSA 10/24/2017

So the new T-Shirts have been picked up, and as soon as I'm done updating the site the first batch will be put in the post. Those waiting overseas it might take a little bit, but I plan on having all of the packages mailed out and the ordering page re-ope


 2016-10-24  41m

RSA 10/17/2016

A warm yet rainy day in Toronto means that I have plenty of time to work on things that don't involve a bicycle. Such as getting RSA complete in an awesome, and timely manner. Hopefully the shirts should be in my hands by the end of the week, and I can sp


 2016-10-24  44m

RSA 10/10/2016

By the time you read this, its likely that the 2016 RSA T-Shirt order has been placed. But I forgot that Monday the 7th is Canadian Thanksgiving, so I'm not going to take down the ordering page until Tuesday morning. Last chance, etc. You know the drill.


 2016-10-10  41m