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RSA 08/15/2016

With the incredible heat and humidity I actually had to stay in on Saturday. This is good for finishing the show. However, I then realized I would have to turn off all of the devices (Fan, AC, Dehumidifier) that were making my studio bearable in order to


 2016-08-16  38m

RSA 08/08/2016

I'm back after a nice long vacation, and I've got a really great show for everyone this week. I find that after I've taken some time off to recharge my batteries, the resulting show is really fun to listen to. I'm quite fond of this. Liquid Newt - Walk Wi


 2016-08-09  42m

RSA 07/18/2016

Well, this is it. The last show you'll be getting out of me for a couple of weeks as I take my summer holidays and hop on the bike for 2 weeks straight. But we've got an extra special great show for everyone to listen to as you all pine away for more RSA.


 2016-07-18  43m

RSA 07/11/2016

Nows when I begin counting down to my big summer vacation, I'll be incommunicado after next weeks show, so enjoy the next couple of weeks of RSA! I need the break!Studio-X vs. Simon Carter - Sunrise (Club Edit)Hydroxie - Seelenfresser (Wynardtage)Circuito


 2016-07-12  34m

RSA - 07/04/2016

So those of you who follow me on Twitter got a nice sneak peek of this show on Canada Day. It seems fitting that I now release it to the rest of the world on Independence Day. Hopefully this show, combined with the brilliance of Jeff Goldblum once again s


 2016-07-03  38m

RSA 06/27/2016

Back from my first cycling trip of the summer, had a lot of mechanical issues, but I did manage to get a good 350km in. So first thing I did when I got home yesterday was get cracking on RSA, and I think we've got a really good show for everyone this week


 2016-06-29  39m

RSA 06/20/2016

Hot hot hot in the city of Toronto, which leaves me being brief in this weeks show as I try to get RSA done as fast as I can so I can escape my un-air conditioned studio. But quality was not sacrificed to bring you this weeks awesome show! Next week we'll


 2016-06-24  37m

RSA 06/13/2016

I won't bore you with more news of Canadian weather, but draw your own conclusions based on the fact that RSA is up on time this week. Next weekend I'll be away, so I've already started working on next weeks show. Guaranteed I'll be posting it late though


 2016-06-15  39m

RSA 06/06/2016

A rainy Sunday means that I have plenty of time to get RSA done on time. But I can pretty much guarantee we'll be on the "Tuesday" schedule for the next few weeks. But we've got a great show for you all with tonnes of great new music!Amorphous - Lucid Dre


 2016-06-10  37m

RSA 05/30/2016

We're definitely into the summer schedule, things will generally be posted on Tuesdays until September-ish. When I actually get the show done, I'll post a direct link on Twitter, so you don't really have to wait for me to update the siteTerrolokaust - Pay


 2016-06-01  40m