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RSA 05/16/2016

Dammit, another *cold* and rainy weekend here in Toronto. Fortunately, it looks like spring starts for real in a couple of days. But a crummy weekend gives me time to finish this weeks show, and get next weeks show in the can as well as I'll be away visit


 2016-05-16  39m

RSA 05/09/2016

I must admit that Mothers Day did slow me down a bit this week, but at least once a year I have to spend time with my Mom so that she realizes just what she unleashed upon the world. Plus I get to eat junk food because my folks never eat garbage except wh


 2016-05-10  34m

RSA 05/02/2016

Seeing as how I haven't moved to a more Mediterranean climate, I had plenty of time to get RSA done this weekend. Actually, I got so far ahead of myself that I sat around bored all day Sunday. Remind me that I'm going away in a few weeks, and I'll have to


 2016-05-03  41m

RSA 04/25/2016

Stayed in this weekend partially because I knew I had a lot of great new music to sift through today, and boy did it pay off. Why can't this much great new stuff ever come out in the winter when I'm stuck indoors? Thats it! I'm moving to the southern US.


 2016-04-25  40m

RSA 04/18/2016

Apparently last week I completely forgot to update the RSS feed, thankfully someone pointed that out on Thursday. I also am happy to announce that the T-Shirts are sold out, and I'll be gauging interest in a new design in the fall. Finally, we get to the


 2016-04-18  40m

RSA 04/11/2016

I somehow forgot to post this. I'm an idiot.As we speak there is one remaining RSA t-shirt left in stock. If a mens XL would fit you, this is your last chance to get a shirt with this design. With the lessons learned from this round of merchandising, I ca


 2016-04-15  41m

RSA 04/04/2016

I swear, I'm sitting here patiently waiting for spring to start in Canada. I'm aware of the futility of expecting great weather in April, but c'mon! Still, while I can't really indulge in my favorite hobby, it gives me plenty of time to work on RSA each w


 2016-04-04  37m