Rude Tales of Magic

In this improvised narrative role playing podcast, come and join artists, writers, and comedians from Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Marvel Comics, and more as they fight and fumble their way across the madcap, and exceedingly rude, fantasy wasteland of Cordelia. Branson Reese and his jester's retinue, Christopher Hastings, Carly Monardo, Tim Platt, Joe Lepore, and Ali Fisher star as a group of unlikely survivors (a talking crow, a lich in a wig, a bubbly fawn, a Sasquatch punk, and a tiefling hunk, specifically) who must solve the mystery of Polaris University's vanishment and return balance and higher education to their world. It's going to be very hard and very, very, rude.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h24m. Bisher sind 93 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 4 days 21 hours 18 minutes


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episode 10: Buggin' Out

Live free or die? Eat or get eaten? Are you in, or are you out? It's a wild night in the Soaking Valley County Jail as our heroes fight for their freedom and their lives when a jailbreak gets out of control. Exits must be taken. And choices? Ain't so such thing as easy ones, and they all gotta get made, babeee.


 2020-02-11  1h22m

 2020-01-30  4m

episode 9: The Cave and The Mistress

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That's an order, Lieutenant! 


 2020-01-28  1h26m

episode 8: Brothers Keeper

The dead speak! Sort of. But there's no peace in the valley today, hombre. A brief respite in the Delighted Wife quickly turns to mystery, danger, and violence. Can our heroes rejoin what malice and circumstance have torn asunder? Can one person ever REALLY know another? Is there life beyond death? ALL answers will be revealed!


 2020-01-14  1h31m


Meet the industrious dwarves of Flammable Rock Holdings. They're naughty, they're nice, and they've got just a few hours to plan the ultimate company New Year's Eve party...


 2019-12-31  2h26m

episode 7: Kebin

We got a Kebin situation.


 2019-12-24  1h20m

episode 6: When You're Here

Exhausted and fed up, our heroes battle and cajole their way through the last leg of the Teenage Woods and its brood of ridiculous and dangerous denizens. But what lies beyond? After all this, can you go home again? And what might you find there? Can our heroes bear the revelations of the Dawn house? Can you?


 2019-12-03  1h22m

episode 5: Fools Crush In (LIVE in Brooklyn)

The gang is whisked away by a malevolent, though romantic, force who will pry every secret from their most hidden hearts! Can they survive his psychological gauntlet? What truth will they dare to reveal? This episode of Rude Tales of Magic was recorded in front of a live studio audience of ONLY people we have crushes on.


 2019-11-19  1h39m

episode 4: Dial E for Elf

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 2019-11-05  1h36m

episode 3: Mother Knows Best

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 2019-10-22  1h27m