Call it a love-letter to a 20th century that never was; an intrepid, impossible future as envisioned by an imaginary past and presented in a style we call "Curated Actual Play". It's a continuous story universe which pays tribute to all of my favourite fiction from the last 200 years, in a genre best described as 'epic, retrofuturistic science fantasy.' Whatever you call it, it's a story like you won't hear anywhere else. •RAPSCALLIONS• is our flagship series; a crime-caper set in Bailymena, a wicked city as corrupt and byzantine as it is ancient and beautiful. From the putrescence of the Styles to the splendour of the Hightower District, follow this felonious fellowship as they navigate from salons and saloons to parlours of power in the depths of the Dreaming, and back again. Now in our third epic season! •TALLWATER TALES• is our second series. It follows a plucky bunch of outcast academics as they discover a destiny bigger than they'd ever dreamed possible lurking in the million islands of the West Rim Archipelago...

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episode 11: Rapscallions 311: Sometimes You Kick

Having made an entrance at Dor'ysh and Co. our fiends find that their host is quite a bit more serious about security than his eccentric setup might first let on. It's high-flying action and thrills aplenty in this non-stop episode! Don't delay, listen t...


 2021-06-15  55m

episode 240: Tallwater Tales 111: Finishing Things, Part 1

Having discovered the depth of the depravities committed within Hawthorn Hill, our heroes attempt to bring the culprits to justice. Don't miss a minute of this action-packed episode!  Runelanders is produced by Mad Atom Studios, with contributions from C...


 2021-06-05  1h3m

episode 239: Rapscallions 310: In the Seediest Places

Join your favourite fellowship of felons as they delve into the darkness of Dor'ysh's Domain in search of answers to the Lantern Ghost mystery. What will they learn there? Let's find out! If it's not public domain, we license the music we play through SO...


 2021-05-28  57m

episode 238: Tallwater Tales 110: Things Unfinished, Part 2

Having uncovered the first of Hawthorne Hill's distasteful secrets, our heroes peer still deeper to uncover the rest of the mystery. Why here? Why her? Mysteries are revealed, but tempers flare and risk everything in this exciting episode, so don't delay...


 2021-05-19  1h4m

episode 237: Rapscallions 309: You Meet The Nicest Folks...

With Arabet and Calder occupied elsewhere, Delilah and Shakir wander the Styles to see what they might learn.


 2021-05-10  55m

episode 236: Special Presentation! LokDown - From Dawn to Dusk

This week, we pass the mic to Tallwater's Chance Durant as he treats us to a preview of NorCalMythos' upcoming game, LokDown! It's an anime-inspired action extravaganza that's as easy to learn as it is fun to play. Have a listen, see for yourself, and if...


 2021-05-03  2h8m

episode 235: Tallwater Tales 109: Things Unfinished part 1

In this latest chapter of Tallwater Tales, accompany our academic adventurers deeper into the darkness, and discover what exactly has been going on in the basement of the House on Hawthorn Hill, if you dare! Will they find the answers they seek and exorc...


 2021-04-28  55m

episode 234: Rapscallions 308: Following Crumbs

Delilah looks up an old friend, Arabet makes a new one, and the gang gets drawn further into the deepening mystery surrounding the Lantern Ghost Murders. 


 2021-04-19  59m

episode 233: Tallwater Tales 108: Shadows & Secrets

Our party discovers more of the sinister secrets which hide in the holes beneath the horribly haunted house on Hawthorne Hill in this atmospheric episode. Don't delay, listen today! New website coming soon to Watch this space! 


 2021-04-12  56m

episode 232: Rapscallions 307: The Belly of Bailymena

The mystery deepens as our quartet quests into the lost layer of the City of Steel and Steam in search of answers.  Will they uncover the secrets of the Lantern Ghost, or become its victims? Find out on this episode of the world's greatest curated retrof...


 2021-03-30  45m