Call it a love-letter to a 20th century that never was; an intrepid, impossible future as envisioned by an imaginary past and presented in a style we call "Curated Actual Play". It's a continuous story universe which pays tribute to all of my favourite fiction from the last 200 years, in a genre best described as 'epic, retrofuturistic science fantasy.' Whatever you call it, it's a story like you won't hear anywhere else. •RAPSCALLIONS• is our flagship series; a crime-caper set in Bailymena, a wicked city as corrupt and byzantine as it is ancient and beautiful. From the putrescence of the Styles to the splendour of the Hightower District, follow this felonious fellowship as they navigate from salons and saloons to parlours of power in the depths of the Dreaming, and back again. Now in our third epic season! •TALLWATER TALES• is our second series. It follows a plucky bunch of outcast academics as they discover a destiny bigger than they'd ever dreamed possible lurking in the million islands of the West Rim Archipelago...

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Alone in the Runeverse with Arabet & Stitch: The Buster Job

Look back in time to the early career of our favourite felinoid felon and his humanoid cat-burglar companion.


 2019-10-18  1h5m

episode 10: Rapscallions S1E10: The Big Hullu-baloo

We wrap the season with the wicked folk getting exactly what they deserve. Don't delay, listen today!


 2019-10-11  1h54m

episode 9: Rapscallions S1E09: Bet's Due The Twist

Having wrapped up the rat problem, our crooked confederacy turns to face what's next.


 2019-10-04  2h8m

 2019-09-29  1h59m

episode 7: Rapscallions S1E07: More Than One Way To Skin A Rat

The Rapscallions wrangle a rat in a most amusing manner, and our felonious fellowship feasts as a family for the first time.


 2019-09-20  2h5m

episode 6: Rapscallions S1E06: Safe 'Bet

Haute cuisine, home cookin' and after-hours armouries in the City of Steel & Steam. Don't delay, listen today!


 2019-09-13  2h4m

episode 5: Rapscallions S1E05: The Rat, the Witch & The Warlock

We learn about the connection between Arabet, Stitch, and Thrasher.


 2019-08-23  1h58m

episode 4: Rapscallions S1E04: Hullu-cidation

We learn about Narri & Zivah's origins in the City of Steel & Steam, then discover the depth of Bailymena's 'rat problem'.


 2019-08-16  1h36m

episode 3: Rapscallions S1E03: The Rapscallions & The Rats

The gang finds that Magma's return to the ring in earnest is to be delayed by a rat problem in the neighbourhood.


 2019-08-09  1h54m

episode 2: Rapscallions S1E02: Magma Said Knock You Out

The gang gets underway, and finds they've attracted attention. Episode 2, Season 1.


 2019-08-04  1h50m