Sales Influence - Why People Buy!

Today's buyer is more informed and more skeptical when it comes to buying. In this podcast, we'll discuss "Finding the Why in How Clients Buy" by using the latest studies in consumer behavior and neuromarketing to sell more effectively!

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episode 320: Avoid Sticker Price Shock

Often, clients have a price in their head of what they should pay.  When you don't correct that perception you run the risk of price sticker shock.  Learn how to reset a price anchor and avoid losing a potential client on this Sales...


 2020-11-18  6m

episode 14: Sales Mastery + AI with Jim Dickie on Sales Influence(r)

In this Sales Influence(r) podcast I speak with Jim Dickie on Sales Mastery, Artificial Intelligence and the change in the world of selling.


 2020-11-17  50m

episode 8: This Week in Sales with Will Barron & Victor Antonio

On this week in sales we’re looking at: - Why you’re more likely to have a CEO jump on your sales call because of the pandemic - Why sellers don’t influence buyers as much as they think they do - We’ll discuss a new study that shows that...


 2020-11-16  1h5m

episode 319: Sales Demo With Ease

Here are three things you need to do during a sales demo to be able to sell with ease on this Sales Influence Podcast with Victor Antonio.


 2020-11-15  5m

episode 13: Sales Enablement with Aaron Evans on Sales Influence(r)

Let's talk sales enablement with Aaron Evans on this sales influence podcast.  Sales enablement is a strategic, collaborative discipline designed to increase predictable sales results by providing consistent,...


 2020-11-13  43m

episode 318: Extracting More Information from a Client

Here's a simple strategy for extracting valuable information from a client after a meeting on this Sales Influence Podcast.


 2020-11-13  4m

episode 317: Be More Creative in Selling

Here's a simple exercise you can do to help you come up with creative ideas to sell more effectively on this Sales Influence Podcast with Victor Antonio.


 2020-11-12  5m

episode 12: Thrive in Uncertainty with Meredith Elliott Powell on Sales Influence(r)

We are living in uncertain times!  How can you stabilize and thrive in this uncertainty?  I interview Meredith Elliott Powell who will walk us through the steps on this episode of the Sales Influence podcast.


 2020-11-09  48m

episode 7: This Week in Sales with Will Barron & Victor Antonio

On this week in sales with  and  we’ll be looking at: - Why you should challenge your sales target if it looks ugly for 2021 - A study that shows that 66% of sellers would rather clean their bathroom than enter data into their CRM ...


 2020-11-07  1h6m

episode 11: Energize Your Sales with Dan Jourdan on Sales Influence(r)

Dan Jourdan is known as the 'sales energizer'!  In this Sales Influence podcast I uncover what made him who he is today and why he values working with Small to Medium size Businesses (SMBs) in helping them get their revenue house in order. ...


 2020-11-07  54m