Salt & Honey

Salt and Honey is a podcast by two friends and full-time cartoonists, Sloane (From Under Mountains, A Map to the Sun) and Leslie (Snotgirl) who want to delve deeper into why they like what they like and hate what they hate. Each week, we explore different aspects of different comics (popular and obscure), as well as other popular media, including but not limited to movies and television.

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episode 31: Snotgirl with Bryan Lee O'Malley

We're back this week, talking with Bryan Lee O'Malley about Snotgirl! If you don't already know, Leslie is the co-creator and artist for Snotgirl, so we're just going through the collected volume of Snotgirl and talking about our favorite things about...


 2018-06-06  1h48m

episode 33: Back At It Again

Sloane has returned from her trip! Sloane and Leslie talk about their past couple of weeks, just catching up on some events in May and June. Talking points: accessibility in large convention centers, trolls on Twitter, diversity in comics, complicated...


 2018-06-27  1h4m

episode 33: Killing Eve

This week, Sloane and Leslie discuss the BBC America show, Killing Eve. We talk about why we love it, why it's important for people to be exposed to the complexities of relationships between women, and the genius of Phoebe Bridge-Waller's shows....


 2018-07-06  54m

episode 34: Talent vs. Hard Work

Sloane and Leslie discuss the age old and annoying question of whether talent is more important than hard work. We discuss what it means to want to be an artist or to be an artist. Talking points: writers vs. artists, artistic fulfillment, online stores.


 2018-07-26  1h17m

episode 35: Mission Impossible (6)

Sloane and Leslie have a discussion about the newest addition to the popular movie franchise, and why we just love absurd stunts. Spoiler warning: there are spoilers. Talking points: fun spy movies, adult braces, bad acting.


 2018-08-01  53m

episode 36: Satoshi Kon

Sloane and Leslie do a brief overview of the works of the late, great Satoshi Kon. From his work directing shorts to feature length films, to his beginnings as a manga artist with an amazing sense of grand scale and cinematic pacing, his work is a...


 2018-08-15  54m

episode 37: Pluto: Urasawa x Tezuka

Sloane and Leslie do a complete overview of the Naoki Urasawa's manga series, Pluto. The series is based on Osamu Tezuka's Astroboy/Mighty Atom story arc, "The Greatest Robot on Earth," combines so many elements of both of their work to create a...


 2018-08-22  1h26m

episode 38: David Brothers

This week we’re talking with David Brothers--comics critic turned manga editor at Viz Media--about all his favorite manga, American comics versus Japanese comics, the greatness that is Jojo, and the future of comics. 


 2018-08-29  1h7m

episode 39: Favorite Manga Bingo

It's not about the meme--we just wanted to talk about manga. Bingo sheets are in the show notes! Make your own bingo here: 


 2018-09-05  59m

episode 40: Representation in Media (Crazy Rich Asians)

Sloane and Leslie discuss the hype machine (and the anti-hype machine) around Crazy Rich Asians and other movies that have been topics of interest for their non-white casts.


 2018-09-12  1h0m