Saturn Returns with Caggie

Caggie and her guests explore the challenges and opportunities that come with change and our individual quest for authenticity. This podcast aims to bring calm and clarity during times of transition - underpinned by the astrological transit known as your Saturn Return. You are not alone.

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episode 5: Intuitive Eating with Laura Thomas

In this very raw and honest conversation Caggie speaks with Laura Thomas, a nutritionist and author of “Just Eat It” who specialises in intuitive eating. They discuss toxic diet culture, the link between our bodies and our self worth, the societal...



episode 4: Neuroscience and Manifestation with Dr Tara Swart

Tara is a doctor and neuroscientist who studied at Oxford University and King's College London, and specialised in psychiatry before leaving medicine to set up her own business coaching executives. Her work sits at the intersection between science and...



episode 3: Inner Child Work with Stefanie Stahl

One of Germany’s leading clinical psychologists and author of The Child In You, Stefanie Stahl, joins Caggie today. Stefanie’s work focuses around the principle that our early imprints from childhood shape our behaviour and belief systems, which...



episode 2: From Good Girl to Sorceress with Brita Fernandez Schmidt

If you are a people pleaser, or strive to identify as a ‘good girl,' this episode is for you. Brita is a public speaker, transformational coach, and an advocate of women's empowerment, women's rights and equality. She previously served as the...



episode 1: Vulnerability and Self Trust with Estée Lalonde

During our Saturn Return we often feel a strong desire to be truly seen as our most authentic selves - to put down the facade and armour of pretending. But this isn’t without its challenges, as vulnerability can feel scary. How can we...


 2021-09-20  48m

episode 14: Transitions in life and love with Camille Charrière

Writer, influencer and darling of the fashion world Camille Charrière joins Caggie today for the last episode of season 3. Camille has amassed over a million followers on instagram and established herself as one of the most sought after women to work...


 2021-07-05  47m

episode 13: Saturnz Return with Drum and Bass Icon Goldie

Goldie is an artist, musician, actor and cultural icon who pioneered the drum and bass scene in the nineties. After his first album Timeless sent him supernova, Goldie was thrown into a world of fame and fortune. In this episode, Goldie takes Caggie...


 2021-06-28  49m

episode 12: Hedonism to Healing with Jordan Stephens

Actor, musician and poet Jordan Stephens joins Caggie in today's episode, to discuss creativity, mental health and how we begin to craft our authentic identity in our late twenties. Like Caggie, Jordan found fame at a young age as part of pop duo...


 2021-06-21  48m

episode 11: Lost and Found with Freya Ridings

Musician and songwriter Freya Ridings joins Caggie this week to talk about the importance of remaining true to yourself, even when others tell you to change. Her hit single Lost Without You stole the heart of the nation and...


 2021-06-14  40m

episode 10: Personal Autonomy with Steven Bartlett

Entrepreneur Steven Bartlett joins Caggie today to talk about his approach to business and how knowing and analysing himself helps him to succeed. Steven was the founder of social media marketing agency Social Chain, but as well as being an...


 2021-06-07  40m