House, Disco and happy music for the soul. Guadalajara, Mexico. BESO Party Official Podcast

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Live @ ARENA Pre-Party

A fragment of my set for ARENA Festival. Recorded live at Babel Club, Guadalajara. Mexico. November 15, 2013.


 2013-12-09  56m

Live @ Circuit Breaker 4.0 - The Laser Night

Includes my remixes: Wrecking Ball, Mind Ur Step and Latch. Recorded Live at Babel Club, Guadalajara, Mexico on October 18, 2013.


 2013-10-28  1h48m

Karmabeat Session - October 2013

My podcast for Karmabeat party. Follow them and stay up to date with their parties. Truly amazing vibe and energy. Look for Arena Festival by Karmabeat.


 2013-10-08  1h22m

Live @ Circuit Breaker 3.0 The Neon Night - Saul Ruiz's Birthday Bash

Circuit Breaker took over Babel Club in Guadalajara, Mexico. Celebrating Saul Ruiz's Birthday Bash. Featuring my remix of One Republic - If I Lose Myself Tonight, specially tailored for this special night. Thanks to everyone who attended! I loved...


 2013-08-07  2h25m

Clubber's Guide to: Provincetown

This year's top 10 played in Provincetown. A Clubber's Guide to.


 2013-07-12  57m

Live @ Circuit Breaker 1.0

This session was recorded at a live event on May 11, 2013 - Circuit Breaker.  Includes my original mix of "Circuit Breaker" out soon on Beatport. 


 2013-05-14  1h56m

Neon Tech

A journey through my darker side and my passion for Tech House music. Enjoy! Saul Ruiz  


 2013-04-17  1h14m


Back after a few months break. Enjoy the high energy edition of Solar13. Up next: Palm Springs 2013. Shared under a creative commons license. All rights reserved to their original owners. For promotional use only.


 2013-03-26  1h47m

Dual (Sunshine Mix 2)

Part 3 of the Dual Series. Sunshine mix 2 : more than two hours of beach house classics. Happy 2013! Saul Ruiz


 2012-12-30  2h17m


Musical tribute to superstar female producer DINKA.  December 2012 Shared under a creative commons non-attribution share alike license.  Saul Ruiz. 


 2012-12-14  1h26m