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episode 715: With Dr. Erin Berry from Planned Parenthood!

Hear the tale of the NB lesbian who snooped and found out that  the sex worker they want to hire makes more money than they do, and finds this unacceptable. (Confidential to the caller: you'll eventually get over the pummeling Dan gives you.) We...



episode 714: What's Kansas Got Going For It?

A gay married man faces a choice. He can keep his stable job, if he moves to...Kansas. Dan brings on Kansas State Representative Brandon Woodard to try to sell his state to the caller. At the top of this list of the midwestern state's redemptive...



episode 713: The Benefits of Bush.

Thongs! They are so sexy! But when used as a face mask at the hardware store, what then? A woman has been dating a guy for a few months. He has one of those giant penises you have heard about. So there's that. But he is also saying some troubling,...



episode 712: Stock up on Sex Toys with Erika Moen!

Oh Jesus Mary and Joseph, our opening sex during quarantine story is scorching hot this week, hoo boy. A woman is working from home with her boyfriend. He sets up his computer monitors with one screen always playing Twtich streams with young blonde...



episode 711: A deep dive into anal hygiene.

At a business meeting, an older, sophisticated gay man gave a presentation with a couple buttons of his jeans undone. Was he sending a message? If so, what? A woman has noticed that men are now wearing wedding rings on BOTH hands. Are they sending a...


 2020-06-09  52m

Why does Dr. Barak keep returning to the show?

A remote controlled buttplug? In the bath? This pandemic is getting pretty fun! A woman asks a question that so many of us are also wondering: is it safe to be romantically intimate with someone who has already recovered from covid-19? When? Dan...


 2020-06-02  55m

episode 709: Kink and race with the mighty BlakSyn.

A married couple in an open relationship used to enjoy glory holes at play parties. Then along came some covid-19. But did that stop them? Hell no! They grabbed the kids' old sheets and made a home glory hole. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about,...


 2020-05-26  53m

episode 708: It's not easy being poly...

A married man is sick of his military husband being overseas all the time. How can they make their  chronically long-distance relationship work?   Ok, here's something you've all wondered: how do you get rid of sex dolls? Are they too toxic...


 2020-05-19  52m

episode 707: Hey everybody! It's Marc Maron!

We open the show with a marital tale of delicious rug burn. It's the battle of the podcast Goliaths! Dan welcomes Marc Maron to the show, and the two engage in a civil debate about whether porn can be "addictive." Also, they discuss a very special...


 2020-05-12  51m

episode 706: Depressed AND horny??!

Have you ever done it hanging from a cliff in your mountain-climbing harness? This caller has. They named the climb "Quarantine." Meanwhile in Italy, a woman managed to slip a finger in her boyfriend's butt. He didn't stop her, but didn't say anything...


 2020-05-05  51m