From the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains, the SavageCast is brought to you by the Rocky Mountain Savages. Your hosts, Chris “Savage Mommy” Fuchs and Christopher “Savage Bull” Landauer join special guests for news, interviews, rules discussions, actual plays, and more covering the Savage Worlds RPG published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

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Episode 43: Stingers & Spores

The folks who brought you Buccaneer interview the folks who bring you Bugganeer, otherwise known as Stingers & Spores: Pirates of the Still Sea. - Stingers and Spores is a setting where you can play a myriad of insect characters in a world with famili...


 May 15, 2021  1h39m

Episode 42: Big Apple Sewer Samurai

Does your inner child still pine for 80s-90s era cartoons about adolescent abnormal attacking anthropomorphs? Then do we have a new Savage Worlds SWAG setting for you! - In this episode we interview Alb' from The Raven & The Albatross,


 May 5, 2021  1h9m

Episode 41: Back in the Saddle Again

After posting all of one episode in 2020, we're back in 2021 and going to post at least one episode. Actually, we're going to try out twitch streaming and releasing as a podcast twice a month for a bit and see how that works out. -


 April 14, 2021  1h16m

Episode 40: Hollerween is Coming

Don't call it a comeback, we were never gone. Last time we talked we were about to embark on the amazing Savage Cruise. Now the world is in disarray. But we still want to have some fun. - Join us tonight at 5pm Central for a live watch-party of Pinnac...


 October 13, 2020  47m

Episode 39: Savage Seas

We wrap up 2019 talking about all the fun we're going to have to start off 2020 playing Savage Worlds. - Game Stores we've frequented on our recent travels: - Lookout Games, Spearfish SD Isle of Games, Tuscon AZ -


 December 31, 2019  1h17m

Episode 38: A Few Blessings More

We continue our discussion with Ron Blessing, PEG Community Manager, and co-host of the new Savage Interludes. We talk about the current renaissance in Savage Worlds and what the game and scene will look like in 10 years. - Savage Interludes RSS


 November 19, 2019  48m

Episode 37: Count Your Blessings

Ron Blessing, our podcasting God Father, joins us to talk about his new podcast with Veronica Blessing and Tracy Sizemore: Savage Interludes and taking on the new role of Savage Worlds Community Manager. - Savage Interludes RSS


 November 14, 2019  1h3m

Episode 36: Dead End Infestation Deck

Pleasantries out of the way, we get to the exciting debut of Dead End's Infestation Deck mechanics from the folks at Atomic Ninja Studios. These are some innovative and exciting features to bring to SWADE and a great way to bring a unique playstyle to ...


 September 11, 2019  1h21m

Episode 35: GenCon Only Experiences

The Savage Bull went to Gen Con for the first time and has some thoughts on the beast that is the largest gaming event in the world. - Amid the chaos and goodness that is GenCon, he also got the opportunity to sit down for an interview with the folks ...


 August 12, 2019  52m

Episode 34: #SavageStuff

All proceeds from the Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water are going to Krista White to help her fight against cancer, now until she's done with Chemo! Pick up Buccaneer ON SALE now at DTRPG. - If you'd like to contribute directly to Krista and Char...


 July 26, 2019  1h43m