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episode 123: Bonus Episode 21 - Jenny and Peter Brainstorm Some More

With Grant out due to illness and a host of technical issues (that have thankfully since been mostly resolved) besetting us, we opted for a bonus episode this week. This episode is specifically focusing on adding some additional texture to the religious ...



episode 122: Episode 182 - Cosmic Horror

This week's episode is the second-quarter Patreon topic (a little late). We've referenced cosmic horror a number of times throughout our run, but never in this kind of depth. As is usual, we spend a bit of time catching up and then move into our Patre...



episode 121: Episode 181 - Real-World Faith in Games (with WJ MacGuffin)

Not feeling well and not being able to get to the internet robbed us of Jenny this week. However, despite that lack, this was a great episode because we had an awesome guest host! Paranoia writer WJ MacGuffin joined us to talk about incorporating real-w...



episode 120: Episode 180 - Chaotic Evil (Alignments 9)

Well folks, this is it - the last of the 3x3 grid of alignments, and arguably the worst of the worst. We start off with an announcement that mirrors our recent blog post. TL;DR: we're going to be a little freer talking about politics. That does not me...


 2020-06-23  1h19m

episode 119: Episode 179 - Chaoric Neutral (With Krissi Woodward)

A quick note: our two-week lead time can sometimes mean that a lot happens between when we record an episode and when we release it. On may 25th, four officers of the Minneapolis, MN police department killed George Floyd, an unarmed black man. On May 28...


 2020-06-09  1h30m

episode 118: Episode 178 - Chaoric Good (With Elizabeth Garn)

In this episode we're joined by none other than Elizabeth Garn of Christ and Pop Culture. (Elizabeth has written some great articles about faith and gaming and she should be on your radar if she wasn't already!)We start off the episode with the usual ch...


 2020-05-26  1h9m

episode 117: Episode 177 - Keeping Players in the Loop

This week we have more unstructured, conversational episode for you. Grant and Peter realized back in episode 173 that we'd like to talk about when players know what the GM is planning, but as we talked about the upcoming episode, we all realized that w...


 2020-05-12  1h27m

episode 116: Episode 176 - Freelancing (with Jason Brick)

Grant, Peter and Jenny are joined by Jason Brick, veteran freelance writer in the TTRPG industry (and several others besides!). We kick off with a little chatter and swiftly move into our Patreon question from Joseph Linardon who asks " What would be you...


 2020-04-28  58m

episode 115: Episode 175 - Neutral Evil

The hosts are all here for this one, and we kick off with a discussion of our games, which are generally going quite well, and a bit about the homeschooling of Grant's kids during the pandemic lockdown. The Patreon question this episode comes from Pai...


 2020-04-14  1h11m

episode 114: Episode 174 - True Neutral (Alignments 5)

We're back to our usual release schedule and episode progression this week for True Neutral. The discussion kicks off with the obligatory nod to COVID-19 (wash your hands!) and a nod back to our "emergency bonus" episode and blog post about remote gaming...


 2020-03-31  43m