Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine

Join Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin McElroy for a tour of all the dumb, bad, gross, weird and wrong ways we've tried to fix people.

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episode 394: Tis the Season for Weird Medical Questions

We're warming the December chill with another Sawbones Q+A, answering all the weird medical questions that can only be answered publicly, on a podcast. Questions about milk and lost limbs, mole hair, spontaneous UTIs, dead germs, where does the vaccine go, and sexy sneezing.



episode 393: Alka-Seltzer

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a LEGACY it is. Welcome back to Justin McElroy’s Medical Brand Hall of Fame, where we can put aside questions of science and efficacy and focus on what really matters: How Juliana Marguiles’ dad wrote a jingle that was hidden for 20 years before it changed the world.



episode 392: How to Detox from a Vaccine

You can’t.



episode 391: Arsenic Wallpaper

No, dear listener, “arsenic wallpaper” is not just a great band name, it’s also a reference to a mid-1800s fanaticism around using arsenic to create a particular vibrant shade of green. A sort of . . . jade? Sage? Anyway. You’ve probably already guessed how that works out, but we’ll lay it out for you just the same on this week’s Sawbones.



episode 390: Melioidosis

You may have heard about a recent deadly outbreak related to gemstone-laden room sprays. The culprit in that sad situation is called “Melioidosis,” and this week we’ve got a history of how humanity tracked down this slippery ailment.



episode 389: Sex and Gender

There has been lots of discourse about gender expression recently, and “science” is often trotted out as an argument to deny the experience of others. “Feel however you want,” these arguments typically begin, “but there are only two sexes, and they’re easily defined, and that’s just science.” That’s … well it’s crap. This week on Sawbones, join us as we make it extremely clear where science stands on this complex issue.


 2021-10-26  40m

episode 388: The Green Children of Woolpit

For Halloween, Sawbones is bringing you a story rooted in folklore and mystery: two children showed up one day in the English town of Woolpit, speaking a strange language . . .and with green skin. But their curious appearance may have a logical and medical explanation, and we bring you our best guesses.


 2021-10-19  33m

episode 387: The Malaria Vaccine

As an intro to new listeners, we’re bringing you science unfolding in real time that’s actually really good: the malaria vaccine. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: It’s called Mosquirix. Doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue. But the good news? It could save tens of thousands of children’s lives every year.


 2021-10-12  41m

episode 386: The Pill that Helps Prevent HIV

Were you aware there’s a medicine that with an extremely high degree of efficacy can prevent the spread of HIV? There is! There’s just one problem: It’s costly. … And not enough people know about it. … And many doctors don’t know enough about it. … And it’s the center of a protracted legal battle . . . Okay, so there are a few problems. This week on Sawbones, we’ll explore them all.


 2021-10-05  43m

episode 385: Bruising

Well, in one of the classic parenting whoopsies, Justin and Sydnee dented their daughter (she’s fine). In honor of her contusion, this week on Sawbones we’re talking about bruises. Are steaks part of it? Should you put most of a charcuterie board on there? Also, what’s up with the little irons boxing guys get rubbed on their face bruises? All of your questions about bruises will be answered, friend. Hold tight!


 2021-09-28  38m