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Ageing well through smarter living, learning and leisure - SBS Viva talks about the ideas, concerns, passions and pursuits of Australia’s booming older generations. The audio series invites audiences to explore their world and delivers fresh perspectives on the ageing well.

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Making your own short film

Filmmaking may seem like a distant dream reserved for tech-savvy individuals with a big team and budget behind them. For everyday enthusiasts who enjoy capturing life’s precious moments though, taking their labour of love to the next level isn’t actually that far-fetched according to some creative seniors.  


 2020-03-20  7m

Should I lend my children money?

Should you lend money to your grown-up children or not? The answer is often straight-forward for parents who’ve spent a lifetime loving and caring for their children. Experts though, encourage taking measures to protect your own financial future before digging into your retirement savings. 


 2020-03-06  5m

Check your eyes before it’s too late

Not everyone has the time to get their eyes checked regularly. With the eyes responsible for so much of our daily activities, and 93 per cent of people aged over 55 affected by long-term vision disorders, specialists say it is essential that you don’t leave it until it’s too late.


 2020-02-07  6m

Viva: 'Walking on Country', exploring Indigenous Australians' connection to nature

There is a valuable lesson we can learn from the First Peoples known for their love and care for country in the aftermath of recent fire catastrophes. Adding “walking on country” onto your bucket list might help you better understand the meaning of “country” by engaging its traditional custodians. 


 2020-01-21  7m

VIVA: What you need to know before buy timeshare?

The pace of modern life makes holidaying at exclusive locations a desirable luxury. More than 180,000 Australians have signed up to time-sharing schemes at popular holiday destinations.

However, older owners may find the long-term nature of these arrangements inconvenient as circumstances change following retirement.


 2019-12-16  7m

Viva: Want to keep fit? Try walking football

Walking football is a modified version of soccer which is rapidly gaining popularity among the over fifties age group.

Since its inception in 2011, more than 800 clubs have already been set up in the UK.

Australia is following suit with Football Federation Australia planning to establish 110 walking football hubs across the country in the coming year.


 2019-12-03  5m

Viva: Starting your own business at 60

There’s a common perception that we are less likely to take risks as we get older.

Yet, research found that baby-boomers are the fastest growing entrepreneurship cohort anywhere in the world with the trend likely to increase as the population ages. 


 2019-11-21  5m

Viva: Re-imagining aged care in Australia - Part 2

The Interim Report by the Aged Care Royal Commission reveals a substandard residential aged care sector plagued by poor care and safety standards.

As Australia looks at improving the care of our ageing population, it must also consider the complex cultural needs of our multicultural seniors.

Some innovative providers are recognising the importance of intergenerational interactions. 


 2019-11-07  9m

Viva: Re-imagining aged care in Australia

With one in three older Australians born in a non-English speaking country, how equipped are our nursing homes in tailoring to the specific cultural needs of residents with dementia who may have reverted back to their mother tongue?

What if we can re-imagine an aged care system that better meets our human and cultural needs?  


 2019-10-24  6m

Viva: Warning signs of a heart attack

Do you know how healthy your heart is?  It’s worth knowing the answer since coronary heart disease is the leading underlying cause of death in Australia. 

Interestingly, a 2017 survey conducted by Heart Foundation found that one in three Australians are not aware of the typical signs of a heart attack. Here’s how you can tell. 


 2019-10-17  6m