Science for the People

Science for the People is a long-format interview podcast that explores the connections between science, popular culture, history, and public policy, to help listeners understand the evidence and arguments behind what's in the news and on the shelves. Our hosts sit down with science researchers, writers, authors, journalists, and experts to discuss science from the past, the science that affects our lives today, and how science might change our future.

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#5 UFOs

Jim Moroney of the Alberta UFO Study Group discusses his experiences with and research into aliens. And on Speaking Up: new exoplanet Gliese 581 E with Brownian Motion.


 2009-04-24  1h0m

#4 Science of Love

Helen Fisher was slated to be on the show to talk about the biological roots of romantic love, but was unable to appear. Mike Harrison substituted. And on Speaking Up: supermarket science with Marion Kilgour.


 2009-04-17  1h0m

#3 The Gerson Diet

Howard Straus of the Gerson Institute, who is featured in the movie A Beautiful Truth: The World's Simplest Cure for Cancer, discusses this controversial treatment. And on Speaking Up: "Our visit to the Body Soul and Spirit Expo" with Nathan Hinma...


 2009-04-10  1h0m

#2 Science of Cults

Dr. Stephen Kent discusses brainwashing, ritual abuse and the difference between cults and religions. And on Speaking Up: potty training with Brad Salomons.


 2009-03-27  1h0m

#1 Secularism in Alberta

Cliff Erasmus, Chair of Centre for Inquiry Calgary, discusses Alberta's secular landscape. And on Speaking Up: the psychology of gender with Mike Harrison.


 2009-03-20  1h0m