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The point of pointing, and using seabirds to track ocean health

On this week’s show: How seabirds can be “barometers” for marine ecosystems during times of environmental stress, and the origins of pointing



Converting carbon dioxide into gasoline, and ‘autofocal’ glasses with lenses that change shape on the fly

On this week’s show: Will making gasoline from carbon dioxide soon be cheaper than pulling it out of the ground? And new “autofocal” glasses may soon replace your bifocals



Creating chimeras for organ transplants and how bats switch between their eyes and ears on the wing

On this week’s show: making chimeras by placing stem cells from one species into the embryo of another, and exploring how bats switch between vision and echolocation. Plus, our monthly books segment!



The why of puppy dog eyes, and measuring honesty on a global scale

On this week’s show: what puppy dog eyes and diseased spines mean for our understanding of dog domestication, and a study on honesty that involved placing 17,000 “lost” wallets around the world



Better hurricane forecasts and spotting salts on Jupiter’s moon Europa

On this week’s show: A swarm of satellites helps measure the speed of hurricane winds, and new data on the surface of Europa reveal more about its subsurface oceans


 2019-06-13  22m

The limits on human endurance, and a new type of LED

On this week’s show: Perovskites have made it big in solar and are now poised to enter the light-emitting diode business, and what we can learn about the limits of human endurance from transcontinental racers


 2019-06-06  20m

Grad schools dropping the GRE requirement and AIs play capture the flag

On this week’s show: why some Ph.D. programs are dropping the General Record Examination requirement for applicants and why DeepMind is teaching artificial agents to play a video game from 1999


 2019-05-30  39m

New targets for the world’s biggest atom smasher and wood designed to cool buildings

On this week’s show: The Large Hadron Collider could be making particles that physicists haven’t looked for and modified wood that can passively cool buildings


 2019-05-23  23m

Nonstick chemicals that stick around and detecting ear infections with smartphones

On this week’s show: Tainted groundwater from nonstick chemicals and using smartphones for ear- infection detection


 2019-05-16  22m

Probing the secrets of the feline mind and how Uber and Lyft may be making traffic worse

On this week’s show: Cats are finally proving their social smarts, and ghost riders help get a gauge on the traffic effects of ride-sharing apps


 2019-05-09  23m