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Fossilized dinosaur proteins, and making a fridge from rubber bands

On this week’s show: New insights into dinosaurs from 300-million-year-old molecules, and stretching rubber bands and twisting memory metals to cool things down



An app for eye disease, and planting memories in songbirds

On this week’s show: Detecting childhood eye disease in old photos, and inserting memories into zebra finches



Privacy concerns slow Facebook studies, and how human fertility depends on chromosome counts

On this week’s show: Social scientists are waiting impatiently for a trove of Facebook data held up by privacy concerns, and fertility researchers examine why so many human eggs have the wrong number of chromosomes



Cooling Earth with asteroid dust, and 3 billion missing birds

On this week’s show: How dust from an asteroid breakup might have triggered an ice age, and billions of North American birds have vanished



Studying human health at 5100 meters, and playing hide and seek with rats

On this week’s show: We hear about a gold mining town more than 5 kilometers above sea level, and learn why studying play behavior is important


 2019-09-12  27m

Searching for a lost Maya city, and measuring the information density of language

On this week’s show: Archaeologists search for a mysterious city that evaded Spanish conquistadors for a century, and linguists find that—no matter how complex their structure—many languages convey information at the same rate


 2019-09-05  27m

Where our microbiome came from, and how our farming and hunting ancestors transformed the world

On this week’s show: A survey of microbes in Hawaii reveals how plants and animals get their microbiomes, and a crowdsourced map of how our early ancestors altered the world


 2019-08-29  30m

Promising approaches in suicide prevention, and how to retreat from climate change

On this week’s show: Three promising prevention strategies to save lives, and how one researcher recommends integrating relocation into our long-term climate change goals


 2019-08-22  26m

One million ways to sex a chicken egg, and how plastic finds its way to Arctic ice

On this week’s show: Researchers bring in MRI, AI, and CRISPR to figure out the sex of unhatched chickens, and microplastic finds a route to the far north


 2019-08-15  22m

Next-generation cellphone signals could interfere with weather forecasts, and monitoring smoke from wildfires to model nuclear winter

Weather forecasters express concerns about new cellphone technology, and what smoke plumes can reveal about the aftermath of nuclear bombs


 2019-08-08  23m