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There are a lot of fads, blogs and strong opinions, but then there’s SCIENCE. Science Vs is the show from Gimlet Media that finds out what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between. We do the hard work of sifting through all the science so you don't have to. This season we tackle football concussions, heartbreak, 5G networks, sleep, free healthcare, police use of force, asteroids and more.

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episode 12: How to Stop A Killer Asteroid

This week — asteroids. Could a space rock really slam into us and destroy the world? And if we did spot one heading straight for us, is there anything we could do to stop it? We speak with asteroid researcher Dr. Alan Harris, astrophysicist Dr. Sergey Zamozdra, computational physicist Dr. Cathy Plesko, and physicist Dr. Andy Cheng.  Check out the full transcript here:  Selected references:  Overview of Chelyabinsk impact and risk from asteroids: http://bit...


 2019-12-20  36m

episode 11: Health Care: How Do We Fix It?

American health care has big problems. Some say the solution is Medicare For All: one government plan for everybody. But others say government health care would be worse than what we already have. Who’s right? And how did things get this bad? We talk to health policy researchers Prof. Harold Pollack and Robin Osborn.  Check out the full transcript here:  Selected references:  Paper from last year on why American health care spending is so high: https://bit...


 2019-12-13  38m

episode 10: Ants: Tales from the Underground

On today’s show, three f-ant-astic stories of survival, friendship and courage about some of the most underrated creatures in the animal queendom. Produced with our friends at Every Little Thing, another Gimlet podcast. We spoke with behavioral ecologist Dr. István Maák, biologist Dr. Erik Frank, entomologist Dr. Christina Kwapich, and biologist Prof Derrick Brazill.  Check out the full transcript here: http://bit...


 2019-12-06  33m

episode 9: Police Shootings: The Data and the Damage Done

It’s been five years since the high profile shootings of several unarmed black teenagers and men launched the Black Lives Matter movement. Since then, police departments have been doing all kinds of things to respond to the deaths and protests. But do any of them work? To find out we speak with social psychologist Prof. Jennifer Eberhardt, psychologist Prof. Philip Atiba Goff, public policy expert Dr. David Yokum, criminologists Dr. Lois James, and Dr. Stephen James...


 2019-11-22  35m

episode 8: When a Hospital becomes The Butcher Shop

A group of teenagers and college kids were fed up with the lousy healthcare in their neighborhood. So they decided to fight the system head on—a fight that still resonates today. Sid Davidoff, Mickey Melendez, and Cleo Silvers share their story.  Check out the full transcript here: Selected references:  Mickey Melendez's Book:  Interview with Cleo Silvers:  Article about lead testing in the 1970s: http://bit...


 2019-11-15  39m

episode 7: Sleepy? Science to the Rescue!

Not sleeping enough turning you into a monster? Cutting-edge science helps us understand why. And we sort through the fads to find out, what really works to get more ZZZs. We speak with lab coordinator Pam De Young, sleep researcher Dr. Brady Reidner, and circadian scientist Prof. Russell Foster.  Check out the full transcript here:  Selected references:  Consensus on the optimal amount of sleep:  Local sleep review: http://bit...


 2019-11-08  36m

episode 7: 5G: Welcome to the Revolution?

How should we feel about 5G? Is it a breakthrough technology that will revolutionize our world, or in a bid to get new gadgets, are we risking our health? To find out, we spoke with electrical engineer Prof. Jeff Andrews, biologist Prof. Henrik Mouritsen, radiology safety expert Prof. Chris Collins, and psychologist Prof. Rodney Croft.  Check out the full transcript here:  Selected references:  Jeff’s paper on the future of 5G: http://bit...


 2019-11-01  39m

episode 5: Vaping: What the Hell is Going On?!

Vaping is all the rage in the U.S., but young people are turning up at hospitals barely able to breathe. Over a thousand vapers have gotten sick⁠—34 are dead⁠—and no one knows why. We investigated the case of the mysterious vaping disease with help from Geri Sullivan, pulmonologist Dr. Louella Amos, lab director Iniobong Afia, inhalation toxicologist Prof. Ilona Jaspers and researcher Dr. Jamie Hartmann-Boyce.  Check out the full transcript here: http://bit...


 2019-10-25  37m

episode 4: PANDEMIC!!!

If a pandemic ripped across the world, how bad would it really get? You’ve heard the horror stories, but you’ve never heard one like this. Dr. Anthony Fauci, who advises the President on emerging infectious diseases, helps us out.
Check out the full transcript here: 
Selected references: 

  • The CDC’s history of the 1918 Pandemic: 
  • Time-lapse tracking the transmission and evolution of H7N9: http://bit...


 2019-10-11  39m

episode 3: Heartbreak: Why does it hurt so bad?

We’ve all been dumped, but some of us have felt physically sick from a heartbreak -- sometimes really sick. Neuroscientist Prof. Lucy Brown explains how pangs from a heartache might not just be in our heads.

Check out the full transcript here:

Selected references: 

  • Lucy’s FMRI study of the rejected in-love college students: 
  • The social/physical pain overlap in the brain: https://bit...


 2019-10-04  19m