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There are a lot of fads, blogs and strong opinions, but then there’s SCIENCE. Science Vs is the show from Gimlet that finds out what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between. We do the hard work of sifting through all the science so you don't have to and cover everything from 5G and Pandemics, to Vaping and Fasting Diets.

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episode 14: Adderall: What's It Doing to Your Brain?

There’s an Adderall shortage across the U.S., and it’s causing huge problems for people with ADHD. But on the flip side, we hear people saying that we shouldn’t be giving this drug out anyway. So we wanted to know: What is Adderall, exactly? What is it doing in people’s brains? And is there any truth to this idea that Adderall is like meth — could it be dangerous? We talk to psychiatrist Prof. Rachel Fargason, neuroscientist Prof. Habibeh Khoshbouei, and actor Kai Liu...


 2022-12-09  33m

episode 13: When Science and Superstitions Collide

This is the THIRTEENTH season of the show! So we’re diving into stories about superstitions and luck. We’ll share the eerie tale of a 13-legged sea creature. We’ll talk about a hot new telescope that’s trying to look back 13 billion years ago to uncover the secrets of the universe. And we’ll talk about a squeaky superstition that involves a rat — as the tooth fairy. We speak to marine biologist Dr. Julian Evans, astrophysicist Dr. Jeyhan Kartaltepe, and biologist Dr. Philip Cox...


 2022-12-02  39m

episode 12: Hypnosis: Does It Really Work

What is hypnosis? Is it mind control? Are some people just faking? We’re revisiting this episode in which we explore the science of hypnosis and take Science Vs to the edge of consciousness. In the service of journalism, Wendy tries to get hypnotized at a comedy club and in a doctor’s office. We talk to comedian Jim Spinnato, Prof. Philip Muskin, Prof. Amanda Barnier, and Prof. Amir Raz.  Find our transcript here: bit...


 2022-11-17  39m

episode 11: Deodorant: Is It Dangerous?

Today, we’re diving into your armpits! We’ll find out why some of us are so freaking smelly. And then we’re asking: Are deodorants and antiperspirants safe, or should we ditch our sticks? We’ll talk to microbiologist Professor Gavin H Thomas, microbiologist Research Associate Professor Julie Horvath, epidemiologist Associate Professor Hanno Ulmer, and epidemiologist Professor Julia Knight.  Here’s a link to our transcript: https://bit...


 2022-11-10  34m

episode 10: The Male Pill: When Is It Coming?

A male birth control pill has been this big tease for decades. And today, with the overturning of Roe v. Wade … a male pill might matter more than ever. So we’re grabbing science by the balls to find out – where is it? Will it ever get to the shelves? We talk to physicians Prof. John Amory and Dr. Brian Nguyen.  Find our transcript here: This episode was produced by Michelle Dang, with help from Disha Bhagat, Rose Rimler and Meryl Horn. We’re edited by Blythe Terrell...


 2022-11-03  30m

episode 9: The Mystery of the Man Who Died Twice

A dead body turns up with a stolen identity. We tell the story of how a grandmother tracked down the truth — and helped create a whole new and controversial world of crime fighting. To tell this story, we talk to U.S. Marshal Peter Elliott, Dr. Margaret Press, and Phil Nichols. [REBROADCAST] CN: This episode discusses suicide. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, in the U.S. you can call or text 988 to reach the government’s suicide and crisis help line...


 2022-10-20  41m

episode 8: Mass Shootings: How Do We Stop Them?

Buffalo. Uvalde. Highland Park. These mass shootings keep happening. One side says the problem is the guns, and the other side says the problem is the people. Who’s right? And what policies might actually work to stop mass shootings? We talk to NSSF spokesperson Mark Oliva, gun control researcher Prof. Mark Gius, criminologist Dr. Jillian Peterson, and epidemiologist Dr. Veronica Pear.  CN: This episode discusses suicide...


 2022-10-14  44m

episode 7: Should We Compost Human Bodies?

What's the greenest way to die? Some nerds are saying that our bodies should go the way of our veggie scraps — and become compost. But will people get on board with spreading Grandpa in the garden? To find out, we talk to Brie Smith, Micah Truman, Katrina Spade and Thomas Bass. Link to our transcript:  This episode was produced by Blythe Terrell and Wendy Zukerman, with help from Meryl Horn, Michelle Dang, Rose Rimler, Courtney Gilbert and Disha Bhagat...


 2022-10-06  44m

episode 6: The Fight to Fix a Racist Medical Gadget

The EEG is an incredibly important medical tool — and it’s been failing Black patients for decades. So today we’ll hear from two young, Black scientists who teamed up with hairdressers to do something about it. We speak to neurologist Dr. Jessie Baity, engineer Arnelle Etienne, biomedical scientist Lietsel Jones, and hairstylist Nina Woodley.  Link to our transcript: https://bit...


 2022-09-22  36m

episode 5: Vegans: Are They Right?

Do vegans have a right to be so smug? We’re finding out whether it really is better for the environment, and our bodies, to go vegan. We speak to environmental researcher Joseph Poore, historian Prof. Connie Hilliard, anthropologist Prof. Katharine Milton, and nutrition researcher Prof. Roman Pawlak. A version of this episode originally ran in 2018; today’s episode contains updated science. Check out the transcript here: https://bit...


 2022-09-15  33m