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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Science Weekly podcast will now explore some of the crucial scientific questions about Covid-19. Led by its usual hosts  Ian Sample,  Hannah Devlin and  Nicola Davis, as well as the Guardian's health editor Sarah Boseley, we’ll be taking questions – some sent by you – to experts on the frontline of the global outbreak. Send us your questions here:

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Michael Bond talks about his book on how the people around us shape everything we do. Plus, why researchers got the data wrong on gravitational waves, and how light-sensitive brain cells in mice allowed scientists to create and erase memories


 2014-06-09  38m

Science Weekly podcast: staying safe in a risky world

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Science Weekly podcast: can we save the Galapagos?

Author of The Galapagos, Henry Nicholls, delivers his verdict on the future of the islands' unique wildlife, and discusses new evidence of the role of sea levels in past speciation


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Science Weekly podcast: Iceland's Laki volcano seared into history

Geologist Alexandra Witze and writer Jeff Kanipe discuss their book on Iceland's infamous 18th-century natural disaster


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Science Weekly podcast: James Lovelock on the future of planet Earth

James Lovelock takes Guardian science correspondent Ian Sample on a tour of a new exhibition at London's Science Museum, documenting his inventions and theories, and delivers a grim prognosis for Gaia's future


 2014-04-14  23m

Science Weekly podcast: has personal genome sequencing been overhyped?

What is the true medical value and cost-effectiveness of personal genome mapping? Prof Euan Ashley discusses his latest research


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