Scifi Sidebar

Scifi Sidebar is the show where Peter and CC discuss one of their favorite things, Scifi books! They discuss the morals, science, philosophy, and anything else that pops into their stream of consciousness. After they rant for a while about these books, they come back later after researching what real world experts have to say about them! Join them every month as they dive into the rich world of Science Fiction.


Episode 45: A Brave New World

"I have never been more intimidated by a pick"


 2020-09-24  1h21m

Episode 46: Bladerunner

Two siblings succumb to peer pressure and finally watch Bladerunner


 2020-10-14  1h40m

Episode 47: Heaven's River

From Megastructures to AI Philosophy. It's a weird month. Also we're sorry, Dan Alderson.


 2020-12-08  1h37m

Episode 48: Baru Cormorant

The fantasy retelling of A Brave New World