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A twice-monthly look at the weird and wonderful world of horror movies as seen through the host's very gay eyes. Killer reviews, off-beat comedy and unforgettable guests. In 2016, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY chose as one of the Top 9 LGBT Podcasts while RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE put the show on their Top 25 Horror Podcasts list.

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episode 317: POPCORN (1991) with DAN DOMINGUES & PETER ADAMSON

"Everything's a movie to me..." Kick off your Pride Month festivities with this deep dive into the movie that was meta before meta was cool, the moviehouse movie-within-a-movie massacre motion picture POPCORN from 1991. Tucked inside all the Grand Guignol fun, we'll be putting a special focus on the closeted life and tragic death of the film's star, TOM VILLARD. Joining me are world-famous actor and host of the HOT DATE podcast DAN DOMINGUES and future PsychoBiddy PETER ADAMSON...



episode 316: FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES - "Vanity's Mirror" - "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!" Full Episode

"Will you love me...til the day you die?" Those crazy shopkeepers from My Very Curious Curio Shop are taking over this episode of ScreamQueenz to bring you this full episode of "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!", our Patreon Exclusive Podcast dedicated to FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES. Originally airing in May 2020, MAYA MURPHY and TRAE DEAN are on hand to help me tackle one of the series' most infamous and beloved episodes of all time, "VANITY'S MIRROR"...



episode 315: MURDER BY DEATH (1976) with CHRYSTEN PEDDIE

"This entire murder has been...catered!" You are cordially invited to spend the weekend with the world's greatest detectives in a spooky old mansion! Enjoy an invisible dinner, a fiendish murder, and the chance to win a million dollars if you can solve this devious crime! Get ready to laugh your *** off, because our topic this time is NEIL SIMON's classic murder mystery spoof MURDER BY DEATH from 1976 featuring one of the brilliant comedy ensemble casts ever put on film...


 2021-05-07  1h42m

episode 314: PIN (1988) with MAYA MURPHY & JOE LIPSETT

"He's family..." Our salute to CANADIAN HORROR movies continues with a chat about the deeply unsettling (and tragically out-of-print at this time) psychosexual thriller, PIN from 1988. A young man develops an unhealthy attachment to Pin, his father's medical anatomy doll and reigns terror upon anyone who threatens his fractured reality. To help me navigate this dark and twisted path, I am delighted to have MAYA MURPHY (https://www.patreon...


 2021-04-23  2h14m


"It can't be happening again..."It's CANADIAN HORROR MONTH at ScreamQueenz, and we're starting the festivities by taking a look at their truly iconic slasher classic MY BLOODY VALENTINE from 1981. Special Guests: BRYAN NORTON: Director - "Jack Attack", Author - ("FOR GOD'S SAKE, GET OUT!": The Amityville Horror at the Movies) TARA GARNER: Actual Canadian, Resident Historian MY BLOODY VALENTINE directed by GEORGE MILHALKA...


 2021-04-09  1h32m

episode 312: BLACK SHEEP (2006)

"Get Ready for the Violence of the Lambs..." It is a fact that there are more sheep in New Zealand. This tidbit of truth makes the New Zealand-based horror-comedy BLACK SHEEP all the more delicious! Thanks to brilliant gooey, over-the-top gore and monster effects, the seemingly stupid concept of "killer sheep" becomes genuinely terrifying...


 2021-03-26  33m

episode 311: EXTRA ORDINARY (2019) with MICHAEL HOWIE

"Why does everything have to be so unnecessarily gross?!?" For our Salute to Irish Horror, we'll be discussing the utterly charming supernatural comedy, EXTRA ORDINARY. Rose, a mild-mannered driving instructor with an ability to talk to the dead, must exorcise seven ghosts in order to save a young girl from being sacrificed by a one-hit-wonder pop star who has turned to Satanism to restore his flaccid career...


 2021-03-12  1h32m

episode 310: SWALLOW (2020) with ALAN ROWE KELLY and NICOLE DAVIS

Our celebration of WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH continues with a discussion of the powerful and controversial film SWALLOW. I am delighted to be joined by two very special guests: gender-bending queer horror filmmaker ALAN ROWE KELLY (Tales of Poe, The Blood Shed) and cohost of the (MOVIE GO ROUND) podcast NICOLE DAVIS. **This episode contains frank discussions of sexual assault, domestic abuse and eating disorders...


 2021-02-19  1h39m


If you've ever wondered what would happen when I covered a movie that truly terrified're about to find out. Because LAST GIRL STANDING is a movie that shakes me to my core. Twice before I've tried to talk about this film on the show. Twice before I've had to scrap the entire project because just scratching the surface turns me into a blubbering, frightened mess...


 2021-02-05  1h17m

episode 5: HELL-O-WE'EN

When Micki and Ryan throw a Halloween party at the shop to meet the neighbors, what could possibly go wrong? But when Robey's hair is finally teased big enough to be seen from space, what could possibly be more right! Maya, Trae, and I have our work cut out for us trying to keep this crazy Halloween shindig from completely going to Hell......


 2021-01-19  47m