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Scribbling Inner Voice (SIV) is a grand community founded by अंदर की आवाज़ . Both the communities are founded by Parth Mittal . So we want you to listen our poetries , ghazal and shayri . Do support us and spread us

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Featuring S. Sree Navya !

More about Navya : She is Navya! She is a Final Year HR student,A writer ,blogger, podcaster, Poetess from Chennai, India. She is 22 years old. At such a young age she is the founder of Two Writing Communities Spread those Inks and Freedom of Speech . Manager of Revolutionary Ink ,Hosting head of Inkzoid Foundation and Writer's Amulet.

The wind tells me that love is in the air :

The wind tells me that love is in the air...




Featuring Prashant Singh urf "Dev ek shayar" 

More about Prashant Singh urf "Dev ek shayar" : नाम  :- प्रशान्त सिंह पेन नेम :- देव एक शायर मूल निवास :- नगर रामपुरा  जिला जालौन  उत्तर प्रदेश हाल निवास :- कानपुर उत्तर प्रदेश

अलग है :

दिल है तो हमारा मगर हकदार अलग है !इश्क में मिला जो दर्द इस बार अलग है !!

देते हैं तसल्ली तमाम शख्स शब-ए-गम में !मगर उनकी आवाज का असर यार अलग है !!

अरे देखने को तो  मैं रोज देखता हूँ चाँद...




This feature is done under the ongoing Grand Feature By SIV . More about Grand Feature by SIV : Grand Feature by Scribbling Inner Voice Community is a feature conducted for just 10 people who are selected directly by the Founder Parth  Mittal ...




Featuring Sakshi !

More about Sakshi : "मेरा नाम साक्षी श्रीवास्तव है, मैं रीवा मध्य प्रदेश की रहने वाली हूं।मैं DeElEd फर्स्ट ईयर की स्टूडेंट हूं और पार्ट टाइम टीचर भी हूं।लिखना मेरा शौक है मैं हिंदी में कविताएं और शायरियां लिखती हूं।"

 कभी-कभी मैं सोचती हूं कि हम एक दूसरे को पूरा करते हैं :

कभी-कभी मैं सोचती हूं कि हम एक दूसरे को पूरा करते हैं,एक दूसरे की इतनी फिक्र इतना प्यार अनजान लोग तो नहीं करते हैं, हां मैं कभी कभी खुद के सवालों में ही उलझ जाती हूं,पर...




More about Priyanka Singh : This is priyanka Singh from uttarpredesh orai jalaun. She is pursing bsc microbiology honors from Bundelkhand university jhansi.she is gold and silver membership winner in microscopiaiWM and she is working Onelifeinfintyhappiness which is under kalam foundation and she loves noble reading and origami ,writings too. She is co -author of 50+ anthologies. She believe in karma...




More about Sandeep : He's Sandeep Saha, a 15 years old from Sambalpur Odisha. A learner of class X. Music and musical instruments are his life where as bikes and cars are love. He is insane for musical instruments when he was 5 years old. He has got 15+ rewards in different competitions...




About Anmol Chugh : Anmol Chugh Dildard is a student of civil engineering at St. Soldier group of institutions. He is from Jalandhar City, Punjab. He is love to read and write thoughts and poetry.He has participated in many books. He has compiled a contribution book " Tere Rubaroo"...




चक्रव्यूह को भेदों is a grand contest brought to by Scribbling Inner Voice, अंदर की आवाज़ and कलम की ध्वनि. The competition comprises of 2 rounds and contains amazing perks for winners and participants

More about Muskan : "Good evening to you all wonderful people out here. Satyam here from Gorakhpur, UP. A simple girl with sweet demeanor and versatile persona. Technical graduate by education and artistic by nature. Writing for me is like talking to my inner self...


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