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Second Opinion is a reviews show about anything and everything under the sun. If we can experience it, we can review it.

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Second Opinion #97: 45NRTH Xerxes Review

Once you've fallen on your bike on the ice once, you'll only ride studded tires in the winter from then on. Ian has been using the 45NRTH Xerxes studded tires for the last few seasons, and he is ready to review them for you!



Second Opinion #96: BrightRoad Front and Back Light Set Review

You need a bike headlight and taillight, so why not buy them together? This is an extremely affordable set of lights, does the quality hold up?



Second Opinion #95: Light & Motion Vis 180 Micro Bike Taillight Post-Mortem

The Vis 180 Micro has been discontinued, but there are still useful lessons to be gleaned from it!



Second Opinion #94: Light & Motion Vya Bike Taillight Review

Being seen at night by road users behind you is essential on a bike. What kinds of innovations does the Vya bring to the table?



Second Opinion #93: Light & Motion Urban 500 Bike Headlight Review

Being able to see and be seen when riding in the dark is critical. Does the Urban 500 have what it takes for daily ridership?


 2020-06-07  11m

Second Opinion #92: Topeak Pocket Rocket Review

Being able to change an inner tube on the road won't help you if you can't pump up the new inner tube! A frame pump like the Pocket Rocket will help you get back on the road.


 2020-05-26  5m

Second Opinion #91: Foldylock Classic Review

A bike is a significant investment, one that you should protect with a proper lock. Folding locks are a recent innovation in the bike lock space; is the Foldylock a useful, durable lock, or just a gimmick with a cute name?


 2020-05-18  8m

Second Opinion #90: Roam Co-Pilot Bike Phone Mount Review

Having access to navigation on one's phone while bike riding can be quite essential. Also essential: making sure that your phone won't fall off of your bike. Ian has been using the Roam Co-Pilot phone mount for several years,


 2020-05-09  9m

Second Opinion #89: Specialized Pizza Rack Review

The Pizza Rack is easily the most unique aspect of Ian's bike build. It provides not only railings for panniers to attach to, but also a generous platform to place objects on top. Come find out how well Ian likes it!


 2020-05-03  12m

Second Opinion #88: Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic Pannier Review

The Ortlieb Back Roller Classics come with a serious pricetag, so they have serious performance to match?


 2020-04-27  15m