Secret Sauce  - The Restaurant Marketing Podcast

We discover the ingredients of your Restaurant's secret sauce. SEO, Facebook, Twitter, emails, coupons, yield utilization, USPs, Menu engineering, direct mail, Instagram, partnerships - there are many ingredients for creating your Secret Sauce and with the right Secret Sauce you can find more customers and turn them into repeat customers. We deconstruct the recipes, so you can increase increase turnover, increase profit and maybe decrease the amount of time you spend working in your Restaurant.

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115 - Restaurant Myths that may be killing your Restaurant

We look at these common restaurant myths and misconceptions that cost Restaurants money



114 - 7 most common Restaurant myths

We look at the common Restaurant myths



113 - Pub, Club, Bar and Hotel Marketings tips for fun and profit

We continue the discussion about the things that make large, multi USP venues different and how to better market them.



112 - Pub, Club, Bar and Hotel Marketing ideas

We look at what Pub, Club, Bar and Hotels, large venues with food, drink and live entertainment to see the marketing issues and opportunities


 2019-05-03  23m

111 - A template for a great Marketing Campaign for your Restaurant

We deconstruct a marketing campaign and show how you can replicate it using free


 2019-04-15  30m

110 - Cutting costs for your Restaurant Online Ordering system

We look at ways that you can better manage your Restaurant's online ordering processes to increase the profitability of systems like UberEats, Just Eat, GrubHub and Deliveroo.


 2019-04-08  35m

109 - Increasing online ordering profitability for your Restaurant

How can you increase the profitability of your Restaurants online ordering service?


 2019-03-28  28m

108 - A great example of a Restaurant Marketing Campaign that you can learn from

We look at how a great marketing campaign was put together by the marketing team at Dinner by Heston. This is an example of how to do some great Restaurant marketing.


 2019-03-26  28m

107 - Increase visitors and revenue with these great Restaurant SEO ideas

We discuss the ideas that we see are working in Restaurant SEO. Understand these tips and you will understand how to increase your Restaurants Revenue.


 2019-03-17  30m

106 - Industry secrets for great Restaurant Website SEO

We look at the secrets the marketing industry use to do SEO for your Restaurant's website. Have a listen to the podcast and now you will know the secrets too!


 2019-02-23  26m