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Episode 8 - Humpty Dumpty Packs a Punch (Minisode)

We review the first two episodes of new anime "One-Punch Man (ワンパンマン)".


 2015-11-06  14m

Episode 7 - Crimson Butts and Reptile Love

On this week's episode we talk about and review new movie, "Crimson Peak" and SwampCon's new dating SIM, "Love Bites". SwampCon is a local multi-genre convention we ...


 2015-10-23  32m

Episode 6 - Too Much Hate for Hyuna

Talking about some life updates and discussing Hyuna's music video for her newest single, "Because I'm the Best 'Roll Deep' (잘나가서 그래)" as compared with ...


 2015-10-09  32m

Episode 5 - She’s An International Girl (Minisode)

Emily talks a little bit about her travel experience, Emily and Rachel's upcoming trip to Tokyo and Seoul, and gives a step-by-step guide on how ...


 2015-09-27  10m

Episode 4 - Serial Killers and Snacks

We review K-drama "I Remember You" and eat lots of yummy and not-so-yummy Korean and Japanese snacks!


 2015-09-11  34m

Episode 3 - Learning Japanese, Dating Multiple Women, White Devils, and a Cat Lady

Reviewing the music videos: "Ra Ri Ru Re" by Crayon Pop, "Lionheart" by Girl's Generation, "Devil" by Super Junior, and "Awoo (Togeworl)" by Lim Kim.


 2015-08-28  31m

Special Edition - Kupcakes and Kimchi

Eating our way through Atlanta and meeting Eat Your Kimchi.


 2015-08-17  28m

Episode 2 - Zutter, Married to the Music, Blood, and Pancakes

Our thoughts on the recently released music videos "Zutter" by GD TOP and "Married to the Music" by SHINee. We also discuss the spring-released ...


 2015-08-17  30m

Episode 1 - Introduction

Who are these losers, where did they come from, and what are they talking about?


 2015-08-04  31m