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How do we connect? What makes a mutually satisfying relationship? What are other people into? This is not erotica—these are real human stories. Guests share details of their personal lives and/or work to add emotional context to the confusing experience of attempting to relate to other human beings. The goal? To learn from and more deeply understand one another through exchanges of personal wisdom and experience. The focus is always connection and intimacy in our modern world: relationships, dating, friendship, cultural “norms” and taboos. Conversations explore vulnerability, shame, desire, pleasure, celebration, creative bucket lists, fantasy play spaces, irresistible invitations and so much more. Listen and share to co-create the story-based, connection-first sex ed we never got­—but will all definitely benefit from. Share a voice memo or written story, see X Story question lists and apply to be a guest or work with wyoh via xstoriespodcast.com. Follow us on our new instagram: www.instagram.com/xstoriespod Created and hosted by Wyoh Lee | wyohlee.com Edited and produced by the amazing Kimberly Loftus | email Original title: “Sex Stories” (Dec 2018-Jan 2024).


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episode 254: Opportunistic & Intentional: March Bucket List Wishes

It’s an update episode: tune in for a bucket list report, listener messages, and celebrations! 03:36 Wyoh’s February Recap 21:47 Questions of Love ???? 30:52 March Bucket List Wishes 41:14 Lovely Listener Messages 41:23 Opening up our marriage—how do I talk to the other woman? 46:27 II: Will you fly across the world to do me? 57:21 Celebration! 57:58 II: Will you come to the desert and play with footsie with? 1:04:44 Celebration! 1:06:03 Listener reviews! ⚡️WORK WITH WYOH | Explore (y)our...



episode 253: Tattoo Worship: Mikaela Witwicky’s Stories

Mikaela (24 w pansexual solo-poly cis femme switch sw) loves receiving weird presents, being worshiped, praised and is obsessed with exploring other peoples’ fantasies, both for work and fun...



episode 252: Fantasies, Fetishes & Freedom: Camille Davis’ Stories

Camille (27 w cis F single-ish bisexual nurturing Dominant sw) has a background caring for others as a nurse—and more recently has discovered how much she enjoys the experience of mutual care as a legal courtesan at Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel near Las Vegas...



episode 251: Seek the Risk: Adam’s Stories

Adam (53 non-monogamous het recently single cis male from NYC) comes on to share how he was pulled into wild and kinky New York City culture by the woman he fell in love with. We learn what it’s like to be a dude who’s a threesome magnet, about his high sex drive, love of being objectified, and how he’s learned to discover each new partner’s personal pleasure patterns...



Sex Ed Reboot: Dr. Amber’s Update

Dr. Amber Hull (44 cis queer F physician in private practice who is a solo-polyamorous free agent) returns to share how she’s revamping sex ed, cultivating honest conversations about healthy human sexuality with clients, and supporting them wherever they are in their journey through her Confidential Consults...



episode 250: How Do You Love? February Bucket List Wishes

Wyoh shares updates and answers listener emails & questions. 01:01 Wyoh’s January Recap + Podcast Updates 17:25 February Bucket List Wishes 29:37 Lovely Listener Messages 29:46 Camera shy—how do I get comfy in front of the camera? 47:08 My partner shoots me down, what do I do? 58:27 Am I really straight? 1:04:55 Why doesn’t Wyoh talk about her work more? 1:09:17 Anti-vacuum sex ed 1:12:39 Listener celebrations!!! ⚡️WORK WITH WYOH | Explore (y)our creativity wyohlee...



episode 249: Super Shameless: Amy Baldwin's Stories

Amy Baldwin—half the duo behind the awesome Shameless Sex podcast—joins Wyoh to talk about: How she always wins as a subby brat Topping from the bottom A moment of erotic epiphany  Being straight is real  The cool and hard parts of ENM partnership Successfully navigating dating apps, group sex and sex parties,  The process of co-writing the Shameless Sex book with her co-host April spank bank fantasies ???? STATS | 30’s cis F straight non-monogamous submissive brat, a sex & relationship coach,...


 January 26, 2024  1h17m

episode 249: Super Shameless: Amy Baldwin's Stories

Amy (30’s white cis F straight non-monogamous, partnered, submissive brat) comes on to share about her love of receiving, oral, sensual Domination, and her tried-and-true method of drive-by-Daddying...


 January 26, 2024  1h13m

Super-Masochistic Soft Dom: Mercedes’ Sexy Update

Mercedes returns–sharing about their gender journey, favorite ways to play with balls, jealousy in an open relationship, smut sessions with their girlfriend, a vibrating strap on, a mattress big enough for two, forthcoming car sex, and kink play plans...


 January 22, 2024  57m

Masochistic Soft Dom: Mercedes’ Update

Mercedes (19 white nonbinary queer partnered switch) returns to discuss D/s dynamics, strap-ons, exhibitionism, and oviposition. We learn through stories of their gender journey, favorite parts of partners to play with, navigating discomfort and jealousy in an open relationship, literotica sessions, favorite new toys with straps and vibrations, kink, car sex and mattress dreams...


 January 22, 2024  51m