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      Shades of Blue Soccer Show - 2018 Episode 23 - More Striker Stuff

      This week on Shades of Blue, we drop the negativity - and Thad. So Cody, Aly and Bob joined forces for your weekly SKC talk. We covered Daniel Salloi and the season he is having, recapped a forgettable Toronto FC game, plus we have injury updates as we look forward to this weekend’s match against the New York Red Bulls. Bob just wrote an article on Kansas City’s little brother, Daniel Salloi. He shares what he learned in his time with Salloi and we discuss what is next for the Hungarian. Wit...



      Shades of Blue Soccer Show - 2018 Episode 22 - Red cards and losses Oh my!

      The gang are back together after missing a week for life reasons. Since we were last together Sporting KC lost twice and a lot of fans are worried. We discuss the loss in Salt Lake and break down the upcoming match with Toronto. What will Vermes do with so many players unavailable? Roger Espinoza and Daniel Salloi will both be unavailble after Red cards last match. Only three midfielders are available, will SKC go experimnetal with the lineup? 



      Shades of Blue Soccer Show - 2018 Episode 21 - Croizet AMOR!

      The whole gang is back at it again! Competing openings between Aly amd Cody, let us know who is best. Croizet socres a stunner for the winner and lots of love for Yohan. Was he lucky or prepared? Lots of intense debate over Shelton's contribution to that goal.  We listen to Peter Vermes discus the upcoming Houston game and we break down all the injuries and who will be avaialble for the match. What will be the lkely lineup?  Throw in some Seinfeld references, Landon Donovan and a little W...



      Shades of Blue Soccer Show - 2018 Episode 20 - Open Cup, World Cup and more!

      The gang gets back together to discuss not one but two games. Sporting KC had a good stretch last week with two wins and a draw. One of those wins was the Open Cup game in Salt Lake. SKC's depth was tested and came through. The Homegrown's were all used and all came thrpough for SKC.  Of course the other big news from the last few days was the vote for the FIFA World Cup coming to North America in 2026.  The next match is FC Dallas in the Open Cup. Can SKC manage the extra games and still g...


       2018-06-14  1h16m

      Shades of Blue Soccer Show - 2018 Episode 19 - Homegrown players to the rescue!

      Cody, Aly and Thad get together after the Minneosta win. Four goals for an easy win but the real news is who played. Homegrown Kuzain made his debut last game but this week he comes in and scores. Jaylin Lnidsey made his Sporitng KC debut as well. The crew talk about Ilie and Roger and how they work together so well. We also breakdown what was so good about each goal.A look at the Open Cup match in Salt Lake and who might play. 


       2018-06-05  1h14m

      Shades of Blue Soccer Show - 2018 Episode 18 - Preview the Loons

      The crew are "BACK AT IT AGAIN" to discuss the upcoming match with Minnesota. SKC will be without Johnny Russell as he is with Scotland for a friendly in Mexico (not Missouri) but will have Salloi. We get an injury update and discuss who might start on Sunday. A little discussion on the SKC players at the hot dog race (and a few too many puns lands Thad and Aly in the "dog"house). . The group talks about the Diego Rubio to Mexico (not Missouri) rumor. 


       2018-06-01  1h2m

      Shades of Blue Soccer Show - 2018 Episode 17 - Stifling heat, stifled scoring

      A very different crew (pun intended) gather shortly after Sporting KC and Columbus drew 0-0 Sunday. Cody, Thad and Chad (yes Chad was visting from the southwest) but no Aly or Robert. Sporting KC and Columbus match was slow and non-scoring but still lots to discuss. We break down the penalty call and Tim Melia's great save, or was it a bad shot? Some chat about the red card  but lots more about the non-call of the apparent punch to Sinovic's head. What was VAR thinking? Or not thinking?  We ...


       2018-05-28  1h11m

      Shades of Blue Soccer Show - 2018 Episode 16 - Preview the Crew

      The grouip are back at it again to discuss the Sporting KC match with the Crew. We lead off with audio from Peter Vermes and Johnny Russell. Discusion about the Crew and what to expect from them and the potential lineup for SKC. Cody wants to score on Thad more than life itself in the media game. Side items that are not soccer related: Ocean coral, Aly's lack of showerng. the media game, Thad's concussions and more. 


       2018-05-24  1h1m

      Shades of Blue Soccer Show - 2018 Episode 15 - SHELTON SCORES!

      Sporting Kansas City draws Minnesota United and the big news is not a road point but that Khiry Shelton scores his first goal for KC. Robert, Aly, Cody and Thad talk about the Khiry goal, Yohan Croizet's play and the goal Sporting gave up. Peter Vermes substitutions (or lack of) was a topic. The substiution of Jimmy Medranda and whether it was needed because of injury or not. Of course there was some non-soccer-ish discusion as well... Flubber? 


       2018-05-21  54m

      Shades of Blue Soccer Show - 2018 episode 14 - Season progress report

      Back at it again, Aly, Cody, Bob and Thad get together to discuss the anazing Atlanta game. Sporting KC was the first to hold Atlanta scorless but what did it all mean? We cover the first third of the season for SKC and also take a quick look at the salaries. Who was the MVP forthe first third of the season, SKC does not stink but we question Cody's odor for the evening. Alyh worries us with her murder knowledge and asnwer twitter questions. 


       2018-05-16  1h18m