Shattered Worlds RPG

Shattered Worlds RPG is an exploration of the new tabletop RPG by writer and podcaster Jeff Richardson of Everything is Awesome with Jeff & KC. Every week Jeff and a few friends take on the thrilling world of post-apocalyptic space adventure! We got 6 different races, a whole bunch of classes, perks and drawbacks, skills and powers! Get the game when it comes out and buy yourself the novels based on the gameworld. You can be a part of the action!

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episode 20: (S3E20) "I Have Prior Commitments"

In this thrilling episode, Kye is separated from Taco the Tasty and meets a very interesting woman. She gives a little exposition, and then things get bananas fosta.


 2019-06-03  59m

episode 19: (S3E19) We Came In Very Loud

In this thrilling episode, Kye You is back and Jilyam is into some stuff, yall. He and Taco make planetfall, they find some pets, they find some steps, and Jilyam makes a friend. Excelsior!


 2019-05-24  1h1m

episode 18: (S3E18) "Let's Get One Thing Gay"

In this thrilling episode, our heroes discover what's really going on, Talon and Nora decide to do something insane, and General Bell goes along.


 2019-05-08  1h20m

episode 17: (S3E17) I'm Talon!

Talon comes across one of our heroes, while the others discover the true nature of their reality. Also, we celebrate the return of a beloved NPC!


 2019-05-02  1h1m

episode 16: (S3E8) "My Whole Damn Life Is A Lie"

In this thrilling episode, our heroes continue to experience odd mental effects as the power sparks off and on. Talon investigates the area, and things get a little weird.


 2019-04-20  1h43m

(S3E15) A Hundred Mounds of Earth

In this thrilling episode, Talon smooths over a testy situation, the gang makes their way to the power center, and they experience an odd visitation...   Oh hey, why not help us reverse the effects of climate change? Join us in our efforts by...


 2019-03-20  46m

episode 14: (S3E14) I Am Not Here to Harm You

In this thrilling episode, Talon and Lt. Johnson are huddled in an office in the middle of a dang hurricane and working on the computer. The troops meet a cool new friend from back in the day.


 2019-03-17  1h4m

episode 13: The Whole Fist™

In this thrilling episode, our heroes learn more about their environment. Stuff be spooky. And the wind is picking up.


 2019-03-06  1h52m

episode 12: The Source of the Shadows

In this thrilling episode, Talon and Lindsay split up. Maka finds a friend. Ignacio meets his fellow patients. And something weird is definitely going on...


 2019-02-27  1h0m

episode 11: My Two Dads Too 2: These Are Also My Dads Too

In this thrilling episode, we welcome three new fascinating characters to the Shattered Worlds universe. AJ, Spencer, and Aiden bring a new fresh energy to the proceedings. And their characters are quite fun as well. Plus, Steve!


 2019-02-16  1h55m