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She Podcasts is a show all about podcasting – for women - by women. Hosted by Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar - two of the leading voices in podcasting - this show is dedicated to addressing all the things that come up for podcasters from a female perspective: news, tech gadgets, relationship management, interview best practices, show notes, everything you can think of can and will be covered. As podcasters, women often have a unique approach to all aspects of creating and growing a podcast – the tech, the interview, the sharing – all of it. Our mission is to highlight, enhance and support current women podcasters by creating a supportive, fun and nurturing community as well as a platform for continuing to cultivate stronger and more powerful voices in the world of podcasting. Our Facebook group is a safe place for women podcasters to celebrate, commiserate, and help support one another. Come join us on Facebook!



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      episode 175: Goat Lady! And Podcast Marketing Rants

      The behind the scenes of the baby goats' birth and going through the drive-thru with a toddler. For the podcasting portion of the episode chatting about Gimlet Media, Apple new content but then we go off on the biggest issue with podcasters focusing ALL of their time on creating content. So much ranting. But good ranting. For the good of ALL podcasters 🙄



      episode 174: High Heels Not Sneakers

      Jess and Elsie cover the new Apple Consumption stats as well as the IAB Podcast Measurement Standards 2.0, which is when high heels, sneakers, and socks come into the equation. We finish off this fabulous episode talking about one of the most genius ideas for a podcast which is essentially Jessica's Pet Peeves for EVERYBODY!!!



      episode 173: Getting Real About 2017 And 2018 Dreams

      Starting the year off right! Catching up on all things personal, Christmas, holiday mayhem, possible baby goats, the story of Emily’s ashes, New Year bullies and what to do about not having any Christmas traditions. Jess and Elsie discuss their big achievements of 2017, dreams of 2018 and John comes in with the challenge of creating a She Podcasts Conference! 😳



      episode 172: Santa Isn't Real

      Net neutrality, stats measurement, bandwidth, access, lying podcasters, a real audience, Spanish speaking and one of the coolest new audio editing apps that have come out in a long time!



      episode 171: It's Time To Get Uncomfortable

      Heavy topics in this episode! Ranging from harassment allegations against John Hockenberry to Apple'a purchase of an audio search company and what that could mean to the Podcasts App, to some pretty darn interesting data about 'superlisteners' and what that means for you if you wanna make money or engage your audience.



      episode 170: The She Podcasts 2017 Gift Guide

      Just in time for the last week’s of holiday shopping 🎁 some creative and unique ideas for the (she) podcaster in your life! 🎄 And guess what? There is not ONE microphone or piece of audio hardware in the mix. This is a gift guide like only She Podcasts can create 🎅 Let us know if you get any of the coolness below!



      A She Podcasts Update

      Elsie comes in for two minutes to give us the scoop on why there haven't been episodes!



      episode 169: It's The One About Lewis Howes and Doggie Eye Boogers

      There’s nothing like getting a wonderful recap from the best 3 year old’s party ever 🚗 🚙 🚕 and then Elsie and Jess proceed to break down an article that describes the milestones that lead Lewis Howes to have a bazillion gillion download numbers and of course they have a lot of opinions.



      episode 168: NaNoPodNoMo

      Why are soooooo many November things happening? Movember, National Podcast Month, etc 😳 Well, Team She Podcasts goes all in, discussing 30 day challenges of all sizes and shapes 😜 John and Elsie then go into the weeds around all things testing Ringr



      episode 167: CastBox, Dirty John and Search Issues

      What happens when a She Podcaster has a sick toddler and is sick herself? She still records! With the toddler in the room. That’s commitment people! And even with the mighty Isaac in the room Jess and Elsie still manage to pass on some killer insight on all things preparing your show for advertisers, discussing 60 db and the cool new podcast app called CastBox, Dirty John, podcast telenovelas and more!