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If you're looking for *quick* and succinct tips on how to podcast, grow your audience, and monetize your show this is NOT the show for you. Will you get all that from this show? Absolutely! And a lot more, but not in way you expect. This show is a personality driven show hosted by powerhouses and podcasting industry experts Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar (supported by their producer John.) They will give you insightful, wise, expert advice about all aspects about the podcasting industry, from advertising and sponsorships, to the latest and greatest microphones and workflows, to how the podcasting industry is failing and thriving. You will also get the reality of what it takes to podcast as working from home women and moms running their own businesses and supporting a vibrant community of women podcasters nearing 10k members. If you don't like chit chat, banter and feeling like you're hanging out with Elsie and Jess at their kitchen table (or eavesdropping on them) while they drop some brilliant wisdom about podcasting (and possibly 800 other subjects), go ahead and save yourself some time and move along now

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297 A Giant Group Call

Happy New Year, everyone! We jump right in talking about Zoom filters ???????? ???? ???? Then, we dive into all about Clubhouse, advantages, disadvantages and everything in between. Plus, we give a big congratulations to StreamYard, The Golden Crane...



episode 296: 2020 An 'Exquisite' Year

This time Jess lost her audio ???? Very fitting for our last episode of 2020! Prepare for massive overtalk ???? We focus on all the good and positive things that this year brought us, from kindergarten to fiber internet, fancy pajamas to pupusas and...


 2020-12-19  1h3m

episode 295: What's Your Price?

Audio quality is off because Elsie’s audio track was destroyed ???? Although we planned on doing a look back at 2020 we ended up talking all about why or why not join a network which boiled down to THE question - what’s your price? We then finish...


 2020-12-12  42m

episode 294: The Arranged Marriage of Podcast Hosting

The chaos of online education with the loudest child in the world, a quick catch up on what went down for Thanksgiving and turkey, why asking which podcast host I should host with is like choosing a hairdresser or a mechanic and OMG it’s an arranged...


 2020-12-05  47m

episode 293: The 2020 Podcaster's Gift Guide!

It’s Thanksgiving 2020, the year from hell. NOTE! The actual gift guide begins 20 min into the show ???? You’ve been warned. We have a whole list of things that will make the life of a podcaster so much easier and oh so much more comfortable and...


 2020-11-28  1h24m

episode 292: We Are Oxymorons

As we go into Thanksgiving week a recap of how the COVID–19 surge has been affecting both Elsie and Jess, which leads them down the rabbit hole of holiday preparations and cooking #fails. In the podcasting realm, the power of host read ads,...


 2020-11-21  48m

episode 291: Close The Loop!

Man oh man have we been sort of recovering from the wildness of the week! Not closing loops becomes a massive energy leak. Shout-out to WOC Podcasters, awesome feedback on past episodes, Podchaser premium, the sale of Wondery, and help in getting a...


 2020-11-13  57m

episode 290: When You Lose Power

Audio feedback about our Quibi conversation! Build relationships with mentors who have the expertise – you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Also, She Podcasts in Audible! Adweek’s Podcasts of the Year for 2020; is it really a podcast if there...


 2020-11-08  56m

episode 289: No Strings Attached

This is one of the most heated, emotional conversations Elsie and Jess have had in a long time. Listen. If you’re moved, send them feedback. And we wrap it all up with Dumpster Fyre and the new MV7 Microphone! Send us your feedback, email...


 2020-10-31  1h8m

episode 288: Learn To Google

This is the second time that we are recording episode 288 – YAY TECHNOLOGY. And the trauma and frustration of podcast recording. UGH. Spotify news, grants for podcasters, Google Podcasts Manager complexity, and don’t start a new podcasting thing...


 2020-10-24  49m