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If you're looking for *quick* and succinct tips on how to podcast, grow your audience, and monetize your show this is NOT the show for you. Will you get all that from this show? Absolutely! And a lot more, but not in way you expect. This show is a personality driven show hosted by powerhouses and podcasting industry experts Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar (supported by their producer John.) They will give you insightful, wise, expert advice about all aspects about the podcasting industry, from advertising and sponsorships, to the latest and greatest microphones and workflows, to how the podcasting industry is failing and thriving. You will also get the reality of what it takes to podcast as working from home women and moms running their own businesses and supporting a vibrant community of women podcasters nearing 10k members. If you don't like chit chat, banter and feeling like you're hanging out with Elsie and Jess at their kitchen table (or eavesdropping on them) while they drop some brilliant wisdom about podcasting (and possibly 800 other subjects), go ahead and save yourself some time and move along now

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episode 262: 262 Quarantine: Good Or Bad For Podcasters So Far?

Really? A Forced Staycation? Not quite, right? And we’re thinking we’re going to be doing live streaming into the Super Squad each time we record, yay! We cover advertising, podcast consumption behavior based on categories, and countries. We also...



episode 261: The Podcaster's Responsibility

LONG EPISODE ALERT! We deliberately left in when Jess’s computer froze and she dropped out. We wanted to give you BTS of the reality of remote recording and getting a show out when we lose the audio! (Check the chapter markers to skip it if you...



episode 260: Podfest Redux and She Podcasts Live News

Bringing you the what happened at Podfest after Podfest, focusing on what the vibe was like and especially letting y’all know what it was like with coronavirus hovering over our heads. We also report on our brief experience with being quarantined...



episode 259: Before Social Distancing: Podfest 2020

Recorded LIVE at Podfest 2020! Disclaimer! During The Weird and Wild Show of the week we get GRAPHIC and #spoilers (not appropriate for many ears.) Covering Oprah’s TV show as a podcast, Apple’s “She Creates” campaign, coronavirus at Podfest...



episode 258: Chris from Podfest!

We have a special co-host! Podfest creator, Chris Krimitsos! He shares all about how he started putting on events and get to hear the greatest behind the scenes stories from Chris, Katie and Jess. After you listen, you will understand the magic which...


 2020-02-28  37m

episode 258: Golden Podcast Academy Tears

How proud we are of Podcast Movement and everything that they have achieved. I mean, oh my goodness. And then we go all in on discussing the goings on at #Evolutions2020, about the new Golden Mics, Academy of Podcasters announcement, what it means to...


 2020-02-20  56m

episode 256: She Milks It For All It's Worth

Sheletta is taking over the world! We gush over the incredible tenacity the this woman had after attending She Podcasts Live and taking action. We comment on the new series by Gimlet Media, all the network shows creating podcasts and how so many folks...


 2020-02-14  44m

episode 255: Setting Up For Onsite Podcast Interviews

Jess was sick as a dog and thus we are sharing a super informative Q&A that Elsie did in the She Podcasts Supersquad that was jammed packed with all kinds of audio equipment wisdom about recording remote interviews, how to record more than one...


 2020-02-08  49m

episode 255: She Podcasts Live Is Going To Be Where?

Finally talk about She Podcasts Live! Jess shares why we’re having it in Scottsdale, AZ! Speaking of SPL, Elsie still has fairy hair and she’s totally over it. We also chat about Apple’s podcasting strategy that saves Elsie from having to eat...


 2020-01-31  51m

episode 254: 254 Taking Your Life Back Is Hard

The chit-chat at the beginning is all kinds of colorful. Elsie tries to share the lifestyle change of the She Podcasts publishing schedule but then the conversation takes a drastic turn into poop and vomit. You have been warned. We also chat about the...


 2020-01-24  48m