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Fathiya Fousseni shares all her top marketing strategies in this show. If you are looking to start or grow your business, this is the place for you to discover the tools, the systems and the strategies to avoid costly mistakes. In the past 7 years, she's been helping entrepreneurs market and stand out online. You will learn about, lead generation,sales, building authority, audience building, productivity tips, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, Clubhouse, automations, how to increase your traffic and much more. With the goal of making marketing easy & a combo of fun interviews and solo shows, hit subscribe & don't miss out!

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episode 13: EP 13 Step Up Your Hashtag Game! with Fathiya Fousseni

*Did you know that by using the right hashtags you can reach up to 5 times more people?* When you have an online business your goal is to be visible and to get in front of as many people as possible. Today I share with you tips that will help you step up your hashtag game! CONNECT WITH US Join Here: ( ) Follow us on Instagram: @Shewinsmastermind ( https://www.instagram...


 2020-03-29  13m

episode 12: EP 12 Daniella Genas Build Your Business Like A Boss

In this episode, we talk about how to build your business like a boss, we discuss everything from starting your business to finance and management. Our guest is *Daniella Genas* founder of she's the boss international. Connect with Daniella Instagram & Twitter  @shesthebossintl Email: Youtube: shes the boss international Linkedin: Daniella Genas *CONNECT WITH US* Join Here: ( https://anchor...


 2020-03-26  48m

episode 11: EP 11 Branding? Clarify your brand message with Fathiya Fousseni

In today's tip of the day episode, we discuss branding. Fathiya Fousseni talks about the importance of clarifying your brand message. We hear a lot of people talking about branding and what we think about is the logo, font, design and style. Branding is more than that. *CONNECT WITH US* Join Here: ( ) Follow us on Instagram: @Shewinsmastermind ( https://www.instagram...


 2020-03-24  5m

episode 10: EP 10 Instead Of Panicking Plan your next 10 moves with Fathiya Fousseni

In today's episode, we are focusing on how to be productive and have a growth mindset during this pandemic. The CODVID-19 has installed a lot of fear, uncertainties and instability but how can you build and maintain a profitable business? We talk about strategising on your next 10 moves. *CONNECT WITH US* Join Here: ( ) Follow us on Instagram: @Shewinsmastermind ( https://www...


 2020-03-22  15m

episode 9: EP 9 Andria Asare - Building A Beauty Empire

We see many companies and entrepreneur diving into the beauty industry obviously for many reasons but the number one reason is that is a very profitable industry. In this episode, we have a conversation with *Andria Asare* Founder of Think Pretty Salon, Kanni’s Undiscovered Beauty ltd and Afro Hair & Beauty Africa. Andria managed to build a big empire in the beauty industry and today she shares some tips on how she made it...


 2020-03-14  28m

episode 8: EP 8 Why You Should Grow A Business And A Community In Tandem with Fathiya Fousseni

Today Fathiya Fousseni is talking about how growing a community can really boost your business and help you generate more sales. In this episode, Fathiya also shares the basics that will help you start building your community from scratch. Do you want to join she wins community? *CONNECT WITH US* Join Here: ( ) Follow us on Instagram: @Shewinsmastermind ( https://www.instagram...


 2020-03-11  11m

episode 7: EP 7 How To Declutter Your Life with Angel Richards

Sometimes you want to be in a certain place in your business and life but you find it really hard, that's because you need to work on yourself and on your beliefs. In this episode, *Angel Richards* shares with us tips that will help you declutter and fit into the person you want to be and create the life you want. Connect with Angel Richards on Instagram @hotcoaching and trough her website Do you want to join she wins community? Join Here: Shewinsmastermind...


 2020-03-06  31m

episode 6: EP 6 The 5 Best Productivity Tips with Fathiya Fousseni

As an entrepreneur working from home it can be difficult to be productive, sometimes you find yourself being busy doing nothing. How do you solve this issue? In this episode, I share with you *5 productivity tips that will help you get things done!* Do you want to join she wins community? Join Here: Follow us on Instagram: @Shewinsmastermind ( https://www.instagram...


 2020-03-03  10m

episode 5: EP 5 It's Not That Bad! Overcoming Self Doubt & Negative Inner Talk

Majority of the time we think things are worst than they are. In this episode, we are talking about overcoming self-doubt and inner negative talk. We discuss how to be kind to yourself How to go through your day- one and how you can only get better. If you are starting your business and need support to grow and scale you can join She wins mastermind, our global community for female entrepreneurs, with the mission to encourage and empower you to start your own online business...


 2020-02-28  17m

episode 1: EP 4 Market `Your Business like A Pro with Andrea Palten

Today's guest is Andrea Palten she's a  business coach and marketing expert. In this episode, we discuss the fundamentals of marketing and the tips to market your business like a pro. From finding your ideal customers to landing your clients. Listen to Andrea's podcast called marketing guide to grow your business. *Connect with Andrea Palten at AndreaPalten...


 2020-02-20  43m