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Can I use blockchain technology? Will artificial intelligence take over my career? What exactly is "Machine Learning"? These are some of the questions „SHIFT – Living in the Digital Age“ tries to answer. The program focuses on a single topic – in depth and in detail. We talk to experts, present the key facts and explain complicated subjects in a simple manner. SHIFT – substantial, never superficial.,,30417,00.html?maca=en-podcast_shift_en-7877-xml-mrss

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DreamHack - Germany’s biggest LAN party

Sweden’s DreamHack festival makes its debut in Germany. The event in Leipzig will see thousands of participants playing with and against each other. It’s the biggest LAN party in Germany. In addition to the LAN section for registered participants, there’s also a variety of e-sports tournaments featuring the stars of the scene. Manufacturers will also be attending to present their latest releases...


 2016-01-25  3m

Works of art by a Twitter bot

Deep Forger is a Twitter bot which transforms photos into famous works of art. Send a picture to the account and you’ll get an image back of it morphed in the style of one of 2500 classic paintings. Deep Forger was programmed by Alex Champandard. Originally from France, he now lives in Vienna, where he works as a computer game developer specializing in artificial intelligence. The bot is based on the principle of neural networking, which allows it to learn as it works...


 2016-01-18  3m

Wikipedia's 15 Years Old

Wikipedia was started 15 years ago. Today, the online encyclopedia features over five million English articles and nearly 1.9 million German articles. It's one of the internet‘s most frequently requested sites.The collective reference work has become globally established with over 37 million articles in some 280 languages. In terms of reliability, too, the collaborative project is improving its record compared with conventional print encyclopedias...


 2016-01-11  4m

Surfing with Wi-Fi in a Taxi

A Lagos taxi company is luring customers with free Wi-Fi access during their trip. For the customers, it’s a great way to make use of the time on the road, especially because traffic jams are common in the Nigerian megacity. The service is proving very popular in the congested megacity. Many of regular customers are people traveling to work or business appointments. For them, free Wi-Fi means they can use their taxi ride to get work done...


 2016-01-04  3m

Co-Parenting Portals

Co-parenting sites offer a useful service by connecting people who want to raise children together. But not everyone is in favor of such websites. Many religious conservatives, for example, believe such sites are damaging to the traditional family. Many people hope to become parents. But for some people this dream is harder to achieve - including for those who haven’t found the right partner, or who are infertile or homosexual. Internet platforms such as and familyship...


 2015-12-28  4m

Encrypted terrorist communication

Fighters from the Islamic State terrorist organization use digital media and also Playstation 4 consoles for communication and propaganda purposes. What does this mean for security services?Fighters from Islamic State communicate with each other using digital apps such as Telegram. The app uses strong encryption technology, making their communications inaccessible to prying eyes. The terror group is also believed to be using Playstation 4 consoles to plan operations...


 2015-12-21  4m

Mobile Solutions for Beating Traffic Jams

In Tel Aviv, start-ups are looking for digital ways to beat traffic in the form of apps that help monitor the flow of vehicles on Israel's roads. Tel Aviv has become Israel's start-up incubator city. Many of the dot-coms here are focusing on mobility apps. The metropolis on the Mediterranean is especially hard hit by congestion and rush hours with tailbacks stretching for kilometers. Apps like Moovit and Waze could provide relief...


 2015-12-14  3m

Crowdsourcing to Rebuild

Months of fighting have devastated the infrastructure of eastern Ukraine. Now the United Nations is turning to crowdsourcing to help rebuild. As the crisis in Ukraine continues, the United Nations has joined with the European Union and the World Bank to plan the country's reconstruction. The UN Development Program, for instance, has deployed a crowdsourcing platform and a smartphone app under the name "reDonbass". The app allows any user to upload photos of damaged or destroyed structures.


 2015-12-07  3m

True crime stories to listen to

Audio series on unsolved crimes are all the rage. A German reporter has launched his own True Crime podcast, "Who Shot Burak", a real-life murder mystery. Netizens can listen in. Podcasts are programs that can be downloaded from the internet usually for free. Among the most popular audio shows are true crime podcasts such as "Serial" from the US by Sarah Koenig...


 2015-11-30  4m

How smartphones get to know you

Intelligent apps are there to make life easier. Personalized services can do anything from arranging your pictures to telling you about your surroundings. But what do these free services want in return? Your information.A Berlin start-up has developed an app that connects guests with the hotel they're staying at. They use Bluetooth beacons. The hotel benefits from the app because it provides them with data about their guests, which they use to personalize their marketing...


 2015-11-23  4m