Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 27: Forensic Psychology with Associate Professor Helen Paterson (296)

Forensic science explores physical evidence at a crime scene. So what does forensic psychology add? Can behavioural patterns be left at crime scenes? Associate Professor Paterson explains this new field to Dr Karl. 



episode 26: Quantum Computing with Professor David Reilly

All our computers are obsolete - theoretically. On the horizon are superfast devices operating close to the speed of light at the extremity of the limits of physics. This is the world of Professor David Reilly. Dr Karl gets a glimpse of the Quantum PC.



episode 25: A Gambler's Mind with Dr Tobias-Webb

What keeps gamblers in the game?  How many wins? Not as many as you think. Sociologist Dr Tobias-Webb explains to Dr Karl why some imagine they are on a winning streak when they are not - and the technology exploiting these beliefs.  A...



episode 24: Jupiter with Professor Geraint Lewis

Jupiter is a huge planet. It is more than twice as massive as all the others combined. So what stops it from catching fire and becoming a star ? Professor Lewis describes the physics of gassy giants.



episode 23: Sleep with Professor Siobhan Banks

There are many sleep myths.  Dr Karl clears up some with sleep researcher professor Banks. So are there links between bad sleep and inflammatory disease ?



episode 22: Babylon spreadsheets with Dr David Mansfield (291)

Babylonian Clay tablets are not always as they seem. What looked like a pythagorean spreadsheet turned out to be much more. An Australian mathematician has applied his rural experience and research skills to reveal links to social changes 4,000 years...


 2022-05-29  27m

episode 21: Four ingredients for Health with Prof. Clare Collins

Dietetics professor Collins has found four ingredients to improve our health. They are inexpensive, easy to prepare and natural. She has even road tested reciped recipes to try. 


 2022-05-22  23m

episode 20: Prof Holmes & the Covid 19 Origin

Virologists now agree on the spot where the Covid19 epidemic began in Wuhan, China. Dr Karl asks Professor Holmes how they arrived at this conclusion and the photos he took of the site before the outbreak began.   


 2022-05-15  31m

episode 19: The matter of everything with Dr. Suzie Sheehy

Observe, Ask, Explain, Predict ,Test. These are the steps scientists use to improve our knowlege. Dr. Suzie Sheehy is a particle physicist. She talks with Dr Karl about twelve significant experiments that changed the modern world.    


 2022-05-08  34m

episode 18: Hunting Exoplanets with Prof. Glazebrook

Earth-like planets are rare but the hunt for more is on. Professor Glazebrook is prinicpal Investigator for the James Webb telescope.and introduces Dr Karl to the world of infra-red observation.


 2022-05-01  23m