Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 22: Radio Stars with Dr Driessen

Could a black hole photobomb a star? Dr Laura Driessen explains.



episode 30: Reionisation with Prof Lewis (337)

Too hot for synthesis ? Too cool to stick ? The early universe is a bog for electrons . Dr Karl gets the latest on Dwarfs vs Dwarves with Prof Lewis.



episode 20: Car Energy with Dr Bjorn Sturmberg (336)

Electricity is how Australians get to 43% net zero by 2030. Transport must be part of that plan. Dr Sturmberg has been testing strategies to put electric cars on the grid, in the home and out in paddocks. Recorded in Dec 2022 information was correct then.



episode 19: Dark Mythbusting with Prof Lewis

Matter and Energy continue to raise shadowy questions in physics. Dr Karl tests some recent dark theories with Professor Lewis.



episode 18: The Five Kilo conundrum with Dr Nick

Why do popular weight loss programs fail just when you feel they should work ? Dr Nick applies science to a healthy body and has good news.   


 2023-04-30  24m

episode 17: Cosmic matching with Professor Lewis (333)

In dating shows there is always the promise of a perfect match. Can this idea be found in Astrophysics ? Dr Karl checks with Professor Lewis.    


 2023-04-23  28m

episode 16: Quantum Computers with Dr Jessica

What are quantum computers? Dr Jessica explains the world of quantum and what to expect in the decades to come.  


 2023-04-16  29m

episode 15: Cosmic Monsters with Dr Jessica

What are the biggest black holes called? Supermassive. That's what Dr Jessica has researched for Dr Karl.  


 2023-04-09  25m

episode 14: Chatting with an AI Bot & Professor Walsh

ChatGPT launched freee in '22. Like Google it devoured vast data but regurgitated it in human-like responses. Is it truly a marvel ? Dr Karl and Prof Wilson put ChatGPT to the test.  


 2023-04-02  26m

episode 12: Universe Now with Profesor Lewis

JWST has expanded our Universal view. Where is it changing? Dr Karl gets an update from professor Geraint.  


 2023-03-19  29m