Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 17: Blood Pressure with prof Collins (384)

Prof Collins explains her ongoing research into one of the world's big killers - blood pressure. 



episode 16: Dr Driessen decodes (383)

Dr Karl visits a list of stellar phenomena with interpretive help from radio astronomer Dr Laura Driessen. Topics include brown dwarfs, proper motion, Jumbos and Universal wobbles. 



episode 15: Fart Busting with professor Collins (382)

Dr Karl investigates the science of rear emissions with a Dietetics professor. How much per day ? What makes them smell ? What makes them feel hot ?



episode 14: The Nymphageddon with Dr. Trebicki (381)

Crops under attack, falling nutrition, viruses spread by Insects. Dr.Trebicki researches agriculture on a warming planet and the news is not great. Dr Karl addresses the myth that Carbon Dioxide is good for all plants.    



episode 13: Solid State Logic with Dr Lang (380)

Silicon chips are everywhere. Will they continue to multiply ? Does meeting carbon reduction targets rely on Solid State efficiency ? Dr Karl talks benefits and costs with Dr Lang.



episode 12: Dark Matter Ballooning with (379)

Why use a balloon to hunt the most elusive suff in the Universe? Dr Sirks takes Dr Karl through the history of Dark Matter and why astronomy is only part of the solution.  


 April 14, 2024  24m

episode 11: Neo-nicotinoids with Dr Sanchez-Bayo (378)

There is a perception that the worst pesticides were banned years ago. So why are Insects (including bees) in decline? Dr Sanchez-Bayo says a family of water soluble pesticides are to blame. He names them and wants to know why they are still being...


 April 7, 2024  18m

episode 10: iFasting with prof Varady (377)

One of the most popular diets today was studied by professor Varady over 20 years ago. She now teaches in Chicago. Dr Karl finds out why intermittent fasting is so successful. 


 March 31, 2024  24m

episode 9: Viral History with A/Prof Gregory (376)

Cat ladies, Australians and Chickens have all helped to advance our knowlege of Viruses and their link with Cancer. Dr Gregory has investigated the histoy and written a book about how we got where we are.  X: @DrGMorgan Threads:...


 March 24, 2024  22m

episode 8: Safe Design with Dr Sonya Brown (375)

When Aircraft accidents happen we investigate how and why. Dr Sonya Brown tells Dr Karl about the process of improving safety and the importance of learning from incidents.       


 March 17, 2024  18m