Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 39: Busting big nicotine with Dr King (355)

The story of how a local oncologist took a pledge against big Tobacco to the United Nations and had it passed. Dr Karl talks with Dr. Bronwyn King about her crusade against the merchants of preventable disease through Tobacco free portfolios.  ...



episode 38: Tyre Chemistry with Dr Linda (354)

Meet Tyre nerd and chemist Dr Linda Mitchell. She works in stewardship - trying to improve our recycling of rubber.  How many old Australian tyres are exported and burned each year? Way too many and Dr Mitchell know how we can do better.  



episode 37: Cosmic Ripples with Professor Davis (353)

Professor Davis and Dr Karl delve into the universal tensions and cosmic ripples.  Are there frozen clumps at regular intervals leading back to the Big Bang?



episode 36: Green Chemists Paul Anastas & John Warner (352)

Dr Karl meets two Green Chemists. For 30 years they have been encouraging sustainable and cleaner chemical processes.     



episode 35: Night Sky Lights with Prof Harvey Smith (351)

Auroras, fireballs and space junk. They are all visible.   Prof Lisa and Dr Karl discuss how and where you might spot them. Also, how you can get your name into space.



episode 34: Starry Gravity with Professor Lewis (350)

Will 2023 be the year that we both see and feel more gravity waves ? Dr Karl probes Prof Lewis about what is so exciting about linking LIGO with Pulsars.


 2023-08-21  19m

episode 33: Fusion Power with Professor Wilson (349)

Meet a scientist working to build and test a fusion power plant. Fusion Professor Howard Wilson has intimate knowledge of plasma -the stuff inside stars- and what is needed to safely contain it on earth. *Science Week Announcement!* See 'Dr Karl and...


 2023-08-13  22m

episode 32: Red Candles with Kirsten Banks (348)

PhD student Kirsten Banks tells Dr Karl of deep of a journey toward a new candle standard. Stellar seismology and the search for exoplanets may make galactic maps more accurate. *Science Week Announcement!* See 'Dr Karl and Friends' live at the...


 2023-08-06  26m

episode 31: Gene Therapy with Prfessor Alexander (348)

Gene Therapies are being approved for a growing number of conditions. Professor Alexander takes Dr Karl on how they work and the decades of testing to made them safe.


 2023-07-30  31m

episode 30: Net Zero with Aussie MOFs (347)

Nature needs our help to beat global warming. Dr Karl consults Prof D'Alesandro about her teams' work to pull carbon out of the air using solar power.    


 2023-07-23  26m