Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 39: New Covid Vaccines with Dr Steains

Could 2023 be the year we stopped the Covid ? Dr Karl meets a Sydney virologist working on this mission. Dr Steains gives a viral history of the past three years and an outline of her project to develop better vaccines.  



episode 38: Space Comms with Dr. Badri Younes

Space exploration needs good communication.  Dr. Karl grills NASA veteran Dr. Younes.



episode 37: Starbursts with Dr. Adele Goodwin

Their guts are called Nuclear Pasta. You need X-Ray space telescopes to capture their burps. Observations take kiloseconds. What kind of stellar monsters are inhabiting our galaxy ? Dr Adele Goodwin gives Dr Karl of an insight.



episode 36: Monopoles & Inflation with prof Lewis

Monopoles and Inflation are Cosmic.  Professor Lewis shows Dr. Karl their theoretical universal origins. 



episode 35: Our biggest Space Telescope with Professor Lewis

There are more than a new set of lenses on the JWST. It has better eyes, a giant sun-sheild and a new brain. Professor Lewis helps Dr Karl interpret the astounding imagaes coming from our Lagrange point.


 2022-08-28  27m

episode 34: Agreeing to Disagree

 Antisocial behaviour is increasing. Why ? Professor Arvanitakis dissects the problem and gives Dr Karl some practical solutions.


 2022-08-21  25m

episode 33: Creatures with Professor Dieter Hochuli

Creatures surround us . All we have to do is look. Professor Dieter Hochuli shows us a living world right on our doorstep.


 2022-08-14  30m

episode 32: Ice Cores with Dr Lenneke Jong

Near the South pole is a buried time machine. It can take us back to our Ice Ages . Dr Jong explains what it is and why science in Antarctica is crucial in understanding Climate Change.  


 2022-08-07  20m

episode 31: Hydrogen with Dr Fiona Simon

So many earthly problems can be addressed- at least theoretically - with Hydrogen. Most involve switching from carbon but many engineering issues arise. We have never done this at scale.  Is Hydrogen the answer ?  Dr Karl discusses a H2...


 2022-07-31  25m

episode 31: Medical Cannabis with Dr Bahceci

Medicinal use of cannabis is a big deal. How many cabaninoid chemicals are there ? How receptive is the human body ? Can you drive a car after CB pain relief ? The answers vary . Dr Karl and Dr Bahceci have the Australian science. Always check with...


 2022-07-24  20m