Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 19: Dr Karls' Deepest interview with Tim Macdonald

An interview with one of the pilots of a 10.9 km dive into the Mariana Trench. It is deeper than Everest is high . The two-seat submersible is capable of withstanding huge forces and Dr Karl discusses the extreme physics and engineering needed to...



episode 18: Muons matter with Professor Lewis

When subatomic particles make news, Dr Karl and Professor Lewis are ready to help. The "chubby electron" has been neglected for decades, so why the fuss ? By popular request here is a special episode dedicated to why muons matter.  



episode 17: Future Universe History part 5 with Professor Lewis

What happens when the temperature seriously drops? Will "Dead Star" be more than a David Bowie album? Are protons the new Time lords? How Cool is a cool Universe ? Proessor Lewis updates Dr Karl on what the end of time miht look like.  



episode 16: Future Universe History part 4 with Professor Lewis

"Falling towards Virgo" is a big something . Our galactic future  is wrapped up in  it  (according to current physics).  Prof Lewis leads Dr Karl  through our projected future. Also tips on how to spot Geraint's personal...



episode 15: Future Universe History 3 with Professor Lewis

The Kruszelnicki-Lewis sagas continue. The Future History part 3 is Unashamedly from an Earthling perspective it is based on accepted current theories. Professor Lewis confesses he's a Silurian.  For completists "Future Universe History' parts...


 2021-04-11  25m

episode 14: Trillion Dollar fix with Rowan Hooper (2XX)

Imagine you have a trillion dollars to solve some really big problems. Things like climate change, disease and poverty. Dr Karl meets Rowan Hooper from the New Scientist, who has written about the economics of giant projects. They are more...


 2021-04-04  29m

episode 13: Value of a Life with Richard Denniss

Covid19 is revealing stark truths. The preservation of human life is both economic and cultural. Is there a better path ? Dr Karl discusses the value of a human life with Australian economist Dr. Richard Denniss. Both sides of the balance sheet have...


 2021-03-28  24m

episode 12: Quarks, Leptons, Bossons and beyond with Professor Lewis (224)

When atoms were smashed, particle physics went nuts. The subatomic domain should describe everything but so many  pieces are missing. Dr. Karl and Professor Lewis look inside the atom in this podcast. So what the flip is subatomic particle...


 2021-03-21  21m

episode 11: Particle Physics with Professor Lewis (223)

Our lives are governed by physics.  It is the science of matter and energy and without both we wouldn't be here. This past century we have discovered more about physics than ever before. Dr. Karl and Professor Lewis are going atomic in this...


 2021-03-14  21m

episode 10: Affluenza with Richard Denniss

A disease has infected our civilisation. It is not a virus but we created it. Dr Richard Denniss calls it "Affluenza" and it may ruin everything if we don't fix it soon.


 2021-03-07  24m