Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 35: Omicron & Beyond with USYD Prof Holmes

2022 looked safe -then it wasn't . Dr Karl nvestigates with Usyd prof Eddie Holmes. He was the first western source of the Wuhan genome. How could Omicron fool the world?  How can we avoid being fooled again ?   


 2022-02-13  42m

episode 6: Electricity & Magnetism with Professor Lewis

We are counting on an electrified future to cut carbon emissions. Greener futures, as we plan them,  depend on electricity and electro-magnetism. Dr Karl explores the physics of electricity and generators with Professor Lewis.


 2022-02-06  20m

episode 5: Probiotics and Prebiotics with Professor Collins (274)

Every week new supplements are announced and promoted. Some can be useful additions to your diet but what about probiotics and prebiotics ?  Dietetics professor Collins explains what they claim, what is in them and if they help.  


 2022-01-30  35m

episode 4: Electricity & electrons in a wire with Professor Lewis (273) with Professor Lewis

Electricity is a great foundation for sustainable energy but Dr Karl discovers how little he knows about the physics of electrons. We all have much to learn about the source of power from Professor Lewis.  


 2022-01-23  29m

episode 3: Stellar Lifecycles #2 with Professor Lewis

What colour is our Sun? (or Sol as local folks call it). How long will it stay that way?  Professor Lewis resumes his fascinating journey in time space and consciousness. We pick up where things are now and go forward to the end. How does it all...


 2022-01-16  19m

episode 2: Stellar Lifecycles #1 with Professor Lewis

For some stars, life begins at 10 billion years. Professor Lewis leads Dr Karl on a trillion year expedition from birth to a young adult expanding universe. The first part of a fascinating journey in time, space and consciousness. 


 2022-01-09  21m

episode 1: Nuyina - Australia's new Antarctic Traveller

Australia has a new Antarctic Vessel. Jono Reeve takes Dr Karl on a virtual tour of the features of the RSV Nuyina. 


 2022-01-02  22m

episode 52: James Webb telescope with Dr Jessica Bloom

There were high hopes for the Hubble space telescope. Eventually they were realised with  pictures of galaxies beyond our widest visions. This century the James Webb  promises both time and space with a different universal perspective. Dr...


 2021-12-27  21m

episode 51: Forever Young with Dr Bloom

The diseases of ageing are already overwhelming health care facilities. In the decades ahead, our older populations will put even more pressure on health unless there are medical breakthroughs. These diseases are proving stubborn to medicate and cures...


 2021-12-19  27m

episode 50: Primordial Black Holes with professor Lewis

In 1966, two Soviet cosmologists proposed the existence of primordial black holes. 55 years on, evidence mounts that these ancient bodies actually exist. They are the stem cells of the cosmos scattered on a universal matrix and may be pre-atomic....


 2021-12-12  26m