Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 14: The Great Attractor

We can't see the Great Attractor but we've measured its presence. We're falling into Virgo and Virgo can't resist its force. Is Dark Energy involved? What is the "zone of avoidance"? Professor Geraint Lewis helps Dr Karl with his homework. 


 2020-05-10  21m

episode 50: Natalie Batalha pt 1

The Kepler Mission Scientist


 2017-10-01  14m

episode 51: The Kepler Mission Scientist- Natalie Batalha pt 2

The Kepler Mission Scientist


 2017-10-08  17m

episode 52: Busting Gravity with Space Historian Amy Shira Teitel

Self-described ‘professional space history nerd’ Amy Shira Teitel and Dr Karl talk about spaceflight before NASA.  Her book ‘Breaking the Chains of Gravity' covers cutting edge rocket planes like the X-15 (and its surprising link with...


 2017-10-15  16m

episode 53: Land on a Comet ? No worries says Aussie Engineer Warwick Holmes

How do you test hardware to fly by the sun and withstand comet dust ?


 2017-10-22  24m

episode 54: Penetration Tester talks about being Naughty with Dr Karl

You won't believe what he does with his Pineapple.


 2017-10-29  21m

episode 55: Karl, The Universe & Everything (Case study in visual language)

The science of illustration (and the illustration of science).


 2017-11-05  23m

episode 56: Cyber Security Architecture - How does it keep us safe

Dr Karl talks with a Security Solutions Architect


 2017-11-12  20m

episode 57: Women who measured the stars

Author Dava Sobel tells Dr Karl the hidden history of the women who built modern astronomy.


 2017-11-19  19m

episode 58: How to talk Science in 2017 - Masterclass with Bill Nye

Dr. Karl hosts a panel on Science Communication with "the Science Guy" from the USA.


 2017-11-26  21m