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Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 4: Dean Ahern Antarctican Allrounder



 April 14, 2019  21m

episode 5: Antarctic Krill, Bubbles and Whales with Dr Gwen Fenton (130)

As the Christian world marks almost 2,000 years of Easter, Dr Karl searches for million-year-old air bubbles. The Chief Scientist for the Australian Antarctic Division, Dr Gwen Fenton, outlines why it will take 4 antarctic summers to drill for air...


 April 21, 2019  27m

episode 6: Wastewater Science with with O3

Did you know the atmospheric layer that shields us can also clean dirty water ? Meet 3 MegaKennies. Scientists who know about ozone and how to use it.  Australia's largest music festival site produces a Megalitre of waste per day for a few weeks...


 April 28, 2019  24m

episode 7: Insects, Cinema and Chemicals

In the 60's the Green Revolution promised to feed the world. It succeeded with huge productivity gains, new products and profits. Now we are discovering a legacy. Plus More than 40% of this species are declining and a third are endangered. Plus does...


 May 5, 2019  17m

episode 8: Our Ice Ages with Dr Tas van Ommen

We are officially in an interglacial period - between ice ages. Dr Karl talks with Australian Glaciologist Dr Tas van Ommen about the times when Ice sheets were a kilometre thick. What caused them and how long did they last. Understanding earth's...


 May 12, 2019  25m

episode 10: Foods we could eat more of - Professor Claire and Dr Karl have both changed their diets (125)

Professor Claire and Dr Karl have both improved their diets.


 May 26, 2019  28m

episode 11: Drilling for Clues with Dr Tas van Ommen

Geology reveals deep history. For recent history , 1 to 2 million years, glaciology has answers. The bubbles buried in ice in Antarctica are like a time machine for our atmosphere. Earth's Ice Ages are out of kilter and we need to know why. Dr Karl...


 May 19, 2019  27m

episode 11: 3 Docs on Astro AI, Danish Bugs and reverse psychology. Drs Motion, Supernova and Karl Return

How we are training computers to look and see like us, how young Danish Citizen Scientists discovered new bacteria and the Benjamin Franklin effect - no kites or thunderstorms involved. Dr Alice Motion, Dr Jessica Supernova (aka Bloom) and Dr Karl return.


 June 2, 2019  22m

episode 12: Walking after Eating may be very good for you

Dr Kyra Sim treats takes Dr Karl through The benefits of exercise - after eating. @kyrasim


 June 9, 2019  15m

episode 13: PFAS, Will they be around forever ? Dr Gavin Scherer & Dr Karl on a persistent modern bio-hazard.

The PFAS family of chemicals were Jet-Age wonders. Now some of them are biohazards that can cause cancer in high concentrations. PFAS are proving very hard to contain and break down. Dr Gavin Scherer has the job of finding them and making them...


 June 16, 2019  25m