Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 14: The Landfill that ate Cranbourne with Dr Gavin Scherer & Dr Karl

Dr Gavin Scherer tells Dr Karl of an Environmental catastrophe that engulfed a brand new Australian suburb. How did it happen? What did it take to fix? A blow by blow account of what it takes to undo decades of bad...


 June 23, 2019  25m

episode 15: The Worst (and Best) Diets of the year. Two Doctors analyse the fads, food fogs and healthy fixes.

Two Doctors sort the fads, food fogs and healthy fixes.


 June 30, 2019  27m

episode 17: Data Visualisation with Dr Emi Tanaka & D Karl

Statistics are essential today.They are complicated and easy to misinterpret. Clearly communicated results can make a world of difference to new ideas. Dr Emi and Dr Karl discuss smart ways to reveal your data....


 July 14, 2019  21m

episode 18: The Symbiology of Corals and how it might save them (143)

Dr Emma Camp is a Marine Bio-geochemist.


 July 21, 2019  30m

episode 19: 3 Doctors on Carbon, Black Holes and Car Keys

How to make Graphene at home, how to visualise a Black Hole and the accidental Car Key immobiliser. Doctors Karl, Alice and Jessica with the latest.  


 July 28, 2019  23m

episode 21: Autism is so diverse that researchers need a spectrum (146)

Dr Karl talks with University of Sydney researcher Marilena Demayo about the complex process of identifying and unravelling autism. @MMDeMayo


 August 11, 2019  20m

episode 22: A Healthy and Sustainable way to eat naturally - The Lancet diet with Dr Kyra Sim

A Healthy and Sustainable way to eat naturally.


 August 18, 2019  19m

episode 23: The Rust that Kills Breakfast

Romans used Red Dog sacrifices but could not stop it. Decades ago Science slowed the red fungi with new strains of cereal crops. Food security is back in the headlines and the battle is not over according to Professor Robert Park. Winds continue to...


 August 25, 2019  21m

episode 24: Kate Cole Silicosis Science and History with Dr Karl

Digging big holes is dangerous work. Silicosis is a cumulative and sometimes fatal disease resulting from breathing in certain types of dust from broken rocks. Kate Cole is Occupational Health and Hygiene Manager for the new Sydney Metro. She...


 September 1, 2019  18m

episode 25: Kate Cole on protecting yourself from Silicosis

Silicosis is a deadly lung condition. It is an occupational disease traditionally associated with stone masons and miners. Today new generations are at risk. From workers on infrastructure to home handy-persons cutting concrete, fine particles of...


 September 8, 2019  24m