Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 2: Cats & "Toxo" - from Kitty Litter to the eyeballs with Professor Justine Smith

What is the science behind warning pregnant women to stay away from cat faeces ? It involves a parasite (called "Toxo" for short)  that migrates between humans and their cats. The risk to unborn children is real and world renowned expert,...


 February 16, 2020  23m

episode 3: The Hubble Tension with Prof Geraint Lewis

The Hubble Space Telescope launched in 1990. It is named after the American astronomer who found our universe was expanding. Ninety years on, with much better kit, Hubble’s ideas still hold. The question is how fast are we inflating? This is the...


 February 23, 2020  24m

episode 4: Corey Tutt - NSW Young Australian

The Young Australian of the Year Award recognises 16- to 30-year-old Australians. It rewards their achievements and contributions. Dr Karl meets Corey Tutt, the NSW winner for 2020. Corey has already made an extraordinary difference with his Deadly...


 March 1, 2020  24m

episode 5: Hyper Velocity Stars with Prof Geraint Lewis

One star, observed in outback Australia, may hold new clues to dark matter and black holes. It's a milky way neighbour but moving very fast. Prof Geraint Lewis takes Dr Karl on his quest for answers.


 March 8, 2020  17m

episode 6: Dr Michael Mann

American climatologist  Michael Mann drew a chart  back in 1999 .   It's called "The Hockey Stick Graph" because of the way it shoots up.  There was no new information in it and it drew on agreed international temperature...


 March 15, 2020  21m

episode 7: 3 doctors on CO2, the Sun and Xenobots

Dr Karl, Dr Jessica & Dr Alice


 March 22, 2020  25m

episode 8: Einstein, Newton & Frame Dragging with Prof Geraint Lewis (179)

Seventy-five percent can be described by Einstein. The remainder? It drove Albert to question his work till his dying day. Dr Karl and Dr Lewis discuss evidence for the missing theory .


 March 29, 2020  24m

episode 9: A Perfect Poo with prof Claire Collins

A perfect poo has metrics. Dr Clare and Dr Karl describe the best solid expressions. Length, thickness, mass and diet. What makes the perfect poop ? 


 April 5, 2020  30m

episode 10: Stellar tides with Prof Don Kurtz & Dr Simon Murphy

To study the stars, look to the ocean. Water ebbs and flows under the influence of gravity. Astronomers see tides in moons, stars and around black holes. Dr Karl talks with two astrophysicists who recently measured a bulging star with earth-like...


 April 12, 2020  19m

episode 11: Squeezing Stars with Prof Geraint Lewis part one

What happens when you squeeze a star ?  Dr Karl gets inside one with Professor G. Lewis. They travel from the subatomic level up with the latest on Neutron Stars. Trigger Warning - Quarks and Bosons are mentioned . It's part one with more from...


 April 19, 2020  19m