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Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 23: Fast Radio Bursts and Magnetars with professor Geraint Lewis

First observed in 2007, FRBs are becoming a very useful astronomical tool. In 2020,  flashes were analysed and suggested an answer to that age-old question about the Universe. Most of it is unobserved - so where is it hiding ? Dr Karl and...


 July 12, 2020  20m

episode 24: How constant is the Hubble constant with professor Geraint Lewis

Ninety years ago we first measured the rate of our expanding Universe. Today our accuracy is better but the new techniques are producing different numbers. Are there gremlins in our measurements or is it the Universe travelling in unexpected ways ?...


 July 19, 2020  25m

episode 25: Shuttle vs Soyuz vs Dragon - Rocket Science with professor Geraint Lewis (195)

2020 is a milestone in space travel. The International Space Station received astronauts from a privately owned mission. So how do the USA's shuttle, Russia's Soyuz and Musk's Dragon stack up ? Doctor Karl and Professor Geraint Lewis review the modern...


 July 26, 2020  21m

episode 26: Entropy with Prof Geraint Lewis

Entropy comes from the Greek word for transformation. It is often used to describe the irreversible evening-out of stuff. In astronomy it is often called "the Heat death of the Universe". Entropy originated with the centuries-old laws of...


 August 2, 2020  23m

episode 27: Black Hole Origins with Dr. Jessica Bloom

Extraordinary discoveries are being made in the galactic darkness. Dr. Jessica Bloom assembles the historical, theoretical and observational data that are causing a rethink of black holes. Why are they at the astrophysical crossroads ?  And Dr...


 August 9, 2020  16m

episode 28: Black Hole Families with Dr Jessica Bloom (199)

Meet the Black Hole family. Dr Jessica Bloom takes Dr Karl through the three we've identified so far. So do they do more than suck ? Was Roger Penrose on the money when he suggested darkness as an energy source? The big questions are discussed in this...


 August 16, 2020  19m

episode 29: Faster than Light with Prof. Geraint Lewis

Speed limits are painful. So why is there a light speed limit on space travel (299,792km/s) ? Surely we can bend Einstein without breaking the Universe. Dr Karl (antigravity enthusiast) and Professor Geraint Lewis (real scientist) take it to...


 August 23, 2020  28m

episode 30: Top Galactic Neighbourhoods with Prof. Geraint Lewis

Are "Goldilocks" zones overrated ? Can the mediocrity principle be overturned ? What about outer Galactic suburbs - are they the place to be ? Dr Karl and Prof Lewis discuss interstellar Real Estate and the best places to live.  


 August 30, 2020  27m

episode 31: Food for Health with Dr Nick Fuller

Dr Karl visits Dr Nick for a health and diet check-up. In Covid times it is harder to stay in shape. Dr Fuller talks through the basics and what we can do to make healthy changes that last - whatever your age. Twitter: @drnickfuller...


 September 6, 2020  24m

episode 32: How Bent is our Universe ? with Dr Jessica Bloom

An episode of colossal proportions on the shape of space. Your mind will be blown in multiple dimensions. Dr Jessica also explains to Dr Karl three ways  the Universe can end. (Trigger warning : none have a restaurant and donuts are mentioned...


 September 13, 2020  25m