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Part of the world History section. How Countries developed and major historical events. Check out our youtube channel for other historical videos podcasts.

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The Y2K Phenomenon: Hysteria, End Days and Global Panic

In this episode we will be exploring one of the the most bizarre hysterias to encompass the World in modern history. What was Y2K? Why did it cause such panic? What were the Conspiracy Theories? What actually happened on that fateful date?


 2023-05-27  9m

episode 3: New York City: From Trading Port to Global Icon

In this episode we'll explore the History of New York City through the ages, discussing the evolution of the city through periods of growth and decline. We'll examine the cultural landscape, prominent figures, architecture and challenges.


 2023-05-23  9m

Philip of Macedon (part 2)

In the 2nd of our two part series, we'll be examining Philip's role in the creation of the Royal Court, the Hellenization of Macedon into the greater Greek world, his death and legacy.


 2023-05-20  8m

Philip of Macedon (part 1)

Examine the history of Philip of Macedon, father to Alexander the Great. Surrounded by enemies, he managed to form Macedon into the supreme military force of the time, introducing cultural reforms and leaving a legacy that lived on through his son.


 2023-05-20  9m

The History of Elizabeth Bathory: The Serial Killer of Hungary

Explore the history of Elizabeth Bathory- one of the first recorded female serial killers and possible Vampire, with a legend that has inspired multiple novels and characters in popular fiction.


 2023-05-12  8m

The 1974 Carnation Revolution: From Dictatorship to Democracy

Explore a short history of Portugal's Carnation Revolution, a peaceful coup that overthrew the authoritatian regime and led to enormous consequences for Portugal, her colonies and the wider world.


 2023-05-06  6m

A short History of Hong Kong

A brief history on the often controversial islands, exploring industry, ownership and geo politics.


 2023-04-29  7m

episode 18: War of the Roses: Part III

The conclusion of the dynastic civil war, the dramatic end of the last York king and the emergence of a new dynasty: the Tudors.


 2023-04-23  8m

episode 17: War of the Roses Part II

The second part of the war of the Roses- the dynastic civil war that spanned 3 decades.


 2023-04-19  10m

episode 16: War of the Roses Part 1

Explore the background of England's most brutal civil war, and hear about the first stages of the war between the York and Lancaster houses vying for the power of the English throne. This is part 1 of 3 podcasts exploring this complex civil war.


 2023-04-16  10m