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Part of the world History section. How Countries developed and major historical events. Check out our youtube channel for other historical videos podcasts.

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episode 1: American history: History of the Hamburger

The History of the hamburger with Eric Flynn- an educator specialising in teaching culture to second language learners. Eric is also an upcoming novelist and you can find his Book details below:


 February 2, 2023  16m

episode 2: History of Superheroes

The History of Superheroes with Eric Flynn, an educator specialising in Culture classes. Eric will discuss the ancient origins of the superhero to its modern day form. Eric is also a novelist and you can find details of his new book "Might of the Gods at the link below:


 March 15, 2023  19m

episode 3: Salem Witch Trials

Listen to the bizarre and sinster Salem Witch trials: the causes, the events and the myths.


 April 1, 2023  8m

episode 3: New York City: From Trading Port to Global Icon

In this episode we'll explore the History of New York City through the ages, discussing the evolution of the city through periods of growth and decline. We'll examine the cultural landscape, prominent figures, architecture and challenges.


 May 23, 2023  9m

episode 4: The Devil's Horns: Black Magic, Heavy Metal, and Satanism.

Explore the origins of the "Sign of the Horns" seen in popular culture, rock concerts, sports arenas. Eric Flynn delves into the origins of this symbol, how it came into popular culture, and tries to answer the question: what does it actually mean?


 June 2, 2023  18m

episode 4: The History of Tokyo

Explore the fascinating History of Tokyo, from its origins as a fishing village to an Iconic city.


 July 1, 2023  7m

episode 5: The Shark Attacks of 1916: Terror, Tragedy and the Birth of the Man Eater

In today's episode we will be exploring the shark attacks that claimed several lives along the Jersey Shore. This event made a significant impact not only on the local area, but in popular culture and our understanding of the relationship between sharks and Humans.


 July 7, 2023  10m

episode 6: The brief History of Petra: Ancient, Silent & Majestic

This episode will examine another of the New 7 wonders of the World: Petra. This ancient city has a fascinating history and is a testiment to ingenuity and culture. We will explore the rise and fall, and rediscovery of this lost city.


 July 14, 2023  7m

episode 7: The Baltic Chain: The Peaceful Protest that Freed a Region from Soviet Control

In today's episode, we'll be examining the Baltic Chain. This incredible peaceful protest spanned 3 Countries and involved 2 million people, and helped free 3 Baltic Countries from Soviet control and bring about the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union.


 July 22, 2023  6m

episode 8: The History of the Zombie

In today's episode Eric Flynn discusses the fascinating history of the Zombie through History and culture. Eric is also a novelist and you can find his debut book Might of the Gods in the links below.


 July 27, 2023  12m
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