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episode 4: The Stoop #4 – You Don’t Get It, But I Love You

The Stoop talks to interracial couples who don’t always see eye to eye when having tough conversations around race.


 2018-12-07  22m

episode 3: The Stoop #3 – I Got the Nod

The Stoop hits the streets with black radio producers to give “the nod” and report back from New York, Seattle and North Carolina.


 2018-11-30  32m

episode 2: The Stoop #2 – Gullah Geechee

Lean in for this one, as The Stoop heads to the lowcountry of South Carolina to learn more about the Gullah Geechee people.


 2018-11-23  20m

episode 1: The Stoop #1 – Your Blood Don’t Lie

What percent of black makes you Black? We meet people whose DNA tests changed their lives – and not always in a good way.


 2018-11-16  36m

Next on Showcase: The Stoop

Stories from across the black diaspora, that we need to talk about. Coming November 16.


 2018-11-09  1m

episode 6: The Great God of Depression BONUS – A Visit With Tony Shalhoub

Co-producer Karen Brown sits down with the award-winning actor and television star Tony Shalhoub.


 2018-08-17  15m

episode 5: The Great God of Depression #5 – The Shining World

In the final episode of The Great God of Depression, William Styron clings to life in a triumph, of sorts, over depression. And Alice retreats from madness, for better or worse.


 2018-08-03  20m

episode 4: The Great God of Depression #4 – The White Whale

William Styron faces up to his greatest literary failure, while he and his doctor team up to conquer a baffling paralysis that could be medical or could be metaphor.


 2018-08-03  21m

episode 3: The Great God of Depression #3 – The Stolen Brain

The unthinkable happens—a relapse. And William Styron finally finds a doctor he thinks can save him.


 2018-08-03  29m

episode 2: The Great God of Depression #2 – The Angel of Death

Writer William Styron and neurologist Alice Flaherty get blindsided by mental illness and, separately, decide to tell the world.


 2018-08-03  25m