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      Shizzla pres. Tales From The Soul Abyss Vol.66 (15-04-2018)

      Hi everyone. As the first rays of sunshine finally broke through the UK skies after the long winter we had, I decided to drop this cheeky little 1 hour mix as a celebration of some much needed warmer temperatures. It's a nice lil groovy affair running at 120 bpm's, but laced with enough energy to get a shake on. Starting off with 2 or 3 deep n groovy numbers to get it rolling, we then juice it up a notch with some funky little grinders through to the end. I had fun playing this mix, albeit a...



      Shizzla pres. Tales From The Soul Abyss Vol.65 (30-03-2018)

      Hey everyone. Its time once again to bring some more Soul Abyss heat to your deserving ears. As mentioned previously, I am working my way through the stockpile of tunes that built up in my absence off here, but gradually getting there to the more up to date shizz. So this mix is starts with some deeper funky kinda tracks, building up to crank up the heat with firstly some disco style re-edits and then rounding it off with some fantastic soulful stompers. There's 2 or 3 tracks in this mix...



      Shizzla pres.Tales From The Soul Abyss Vol.64 (11-03-2018)

      Hey guys, I'm back once again. I had an unfortunate accident at home where my pet dog broke the charging port on my new 1 month old laptop, so I had to send it back to manufacturer to get repaired. Expensive repair :-( . So since I got it back , I had to get back into a mix for you guys. Got a lot of catching up with tunes to do, so this mix is filled with tracks from Dec'17 . Will try and sift through this years releases in next few mixes. Some beautiful tracks in this mix which in first...


       2018-03-12  2h15m

      Shizzla pres. Tales From the Soul Abyss Vol.63 (17-01-2018)

      Hi everyone. So now that I'm back up and running, I can now bring to you some more music a little more regularly once again. So I did this mix for a work colleague who wanted to listen to something a lil more chilled out but still with a soulful vibe as he got in a hazy state of mind whilst making oral contact with herbal cigarettes. The mix is just a straight up affair with no effects etc as I just let the music do all the talking. Coming in at 120bpm's, it is enough to kick back and relax...


       2018-01-19  1h59m

      Shizzla pres. Tales From The Soul Abyss Vol.62 (05-01-2018)

      HI everyone. First off, many apologies for not posting anything for a couple of months. I had some major technical problems before xmas which I tried to resolve for weeks but just couldn't fix and it literally messed up my laptop. It resulted in me purchasing a new one, by the way , massive props to Phil Gill for helping through all of my problems and advising me. After getting it all sorted , my first priority was to get a new mix done as it seems so long ago since I done one, and I'm now...


       2018-01-11  3h17m

      Shizzla pres. Tales from The Soul Abyss Vol.60 (24-10-2017)

      Hi everyone, I'm back from working away from home now, so after being away from the soulful house ranch, its time for me to climb back into the saddle and ride that horse once again. Coming outta the stalls with a fast start, the pace is kept throughout with a fine selection of tracks from the last couple of months that I needed to put in a mix to get me back amongst the race. As usual, the quality of tracks are of the highest calibre and enough for you to last the distance, cantering...


       2017-10-26  3h2m

      Si Sutton 3Hr BDay Set Ecuador (19-08-2017)

      Posting up this mix that Si done last weekend as part of his birthday celebrations in his new home of Ecuador. An eclectic mix of tracks that Si put together for the good folk of his adopted new home. No tracklist unfortunately , but im sure you will all enjoy regardless :-)


       2017-08-28  3h4m

      Joey Negro Produced With Love & Z Records Ibiza 2017 Mixed With Love By Shizzla (19-08-2017)

      Hi guys, its time for me to grace you with some more lovliness. This time we go all disco on your booties. I wouldn't normally do a tribute kinda mix, but with the 2 recent albums released through Z Records I thought I'd give it a shot. Joey Negro & The Z Records label crew have totally nailed these 2 albums, so I thought I'd cherry pick my favourite tracks from both albums to create one mix, and this was the result. I felt it was better to put these tracks together to create this disco mix,...


       2017-08-28  1h31m

      Shizzla pres. Tales From The Soul Abyss Vol.59 (25-07-2017)

      Hi once again guys, this is the 2nd of mixes posted for this month. A nice groovy mix at 121 BPM's to get your hips swaying. Some lovely tracks within the mix that are so hot they could start a bush fire, and ending with a superb broken beat track. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed playing this mix which was all put together with the following tracklist 1.Le Babar, MRKT, Ladybird - All Up To You (Opolopo Remix) 2.H@K, Chanelle - Changes (Sudad G Remix) 3.Leon El Ray, Tony...


       2017-07-26  1h36m

      Shizzla pres. Tales From The Soul Abyss Vol.58 (13-07-2017)

      Hi guys, 1st of another 2 mixes for this month laced with some soulful gems ending with some dreamy style vocals all put together with the following tracklist 1.Rhemi, Hanlei - Taste The Rainbow (Original Mix) 2.Johan S - Freakin' (Original Mix) 3.Dave Anthony, Tasha LaRae - Live To Love (Quentin Harris Re Production) 4.Soulstar Syndicate, Dawn Tallman - Take Me (Mind, Body & Soul) (Demarkus Lewis Deez Ugt Main Mix) 5.Groove Junkies, Scott K., Indeya - HIGHER (Groove Junkies & Scott K....


       2017-07-26  1h28m