Sidequesting is a fantasy podcast about avoiding the main plot. It follows Rion, an adventurer who’s willing to help just about anyone out - as long as they’re not being asked to deal with the scary wizard everyone keeps talking about.

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Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 12 hours 57 minutes


Introducting: Wanderer’s Journal

Wanderer’s Journal is a fantasy fiction podcast about Marigold and Pluto, two people from different backgrounds, and their unlikely friendship formed through a magical journal that links them. Each of them finds a journal, learns that their voice is recorded into it, and can be both read and played back to the other. Unbeknownst to them, they become a part of an ancient mystery, and see the world from new angles...



Introducing: World Gone Wrong

Malik and Jamie were roommates when the world ended. Now separated by half the country, literal acid rain, werewolves, aliens, and more, they start a chat podcast to stay in touch and work through the increasing uncertainty of their new apocalyptic reality...


 April 15, 2024  25m

Introducing: Travelling Light

Travelling Light is a science fantasy podcast from the creator of Monstrous Agonies. Follow the Traveller on their journey through the stars as they collect stories for their community archive, and help shape their world through audience submissions and choose-your-own-adventure decision making. Episode transcript: Website: monstrousproductions...


 March 25, 2024  16m

episode 10: Over Me and Through Me

In which Rion faces their fears.


 November 13, 2023  15m

episode 9: The Emerald Veranum

In which Rion is not from Glonderfeld.


 June 5, 2023  16m

episode 8: Silent Treatment

In which a whole town is given the silent treatment, and Rion tries to open up some communication.


 March 24, 2023  18m

episode 7: Tournament Day

In which bitter rivals face off in a final match, and Rion learns the true meaning of competition.


 February 17, 2023  16m

episode 6: Like Gnobody Else

In which a gnome learns being different might just be okay. Transcript here. This episode was written and produced by Tal Minear. Gnolan was voiced by Brad Colbroock. Gnoni was voiced by Hannah Wright. The voice of Rion was Tal Minear. The next episode will be here Feb 17th! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


 January 13, 2023  19m

episode 5: A Giant Problem

In which a problem is large, but perhaps not as difficult as it seems.


 December 9, 2022  16m

Introducing The Boar Knight

This week, we would like to introduce you to The Boar Knight, a new podcast from Fool & Scholar


 November 18, 2022  18m