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Discussions about the science of nutrition, dietetics and health. The podcast that educates through nuanced conversations, exploring evidence and cultivating critical thinking. Hosted by Danny Lennon.

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#422: Psychobiotics – Can Probiotics Improve Mood-related Disorders?

In this episode the Sigma team discuss the research looking at 'psychobiotics'; i.e. probiotics that have health impacts on those with pyschiatric disorders or symptoms. They discuss the origins of the research, the gut-brain axis, mechanisms by which...



#421: Brendon Stubbs, PhD – The Research on Depression & Physical Activity

Dr. Brendon Stubbs, PhD, is a Senior Clinical Lecturer and researcher at King's College London, conducting research in physical activity & mental health, the mind-body interface, and meta-research. He has published over 600 academic papers in...



#420: Cannabis – Kevin Boehnke, PhD & Carrie Cuttler, PhD

Kevin Boehnke is a researcher at the University of Michigan, in the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center. His current research focuses on therapeutic applications of illicit or semi-licit substances (cannabis, psychedelics). His goal is to...



A New Year Message For Our Listeners

Wishing all the Sigma audience a great 2022!



#419: Nathan Bryan, PhD – Role of Nitric Oxide in Human Health

Dr. Nathan Bryan, PhD is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Bryan has been involved in nitric oxide research for the past 18 years and has made many seminal discoveries in the field. He was the first to demonstrate and...



#418: Should We Consume a Direct Source of DHA?

In this episode Danny and Alan discuss the debate around whether a direct source of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acid DHA should be recommended. Many people do not consume the marine foods (primarily fatty fish) that contain DHA, and higher DHA...


 2021-12-21  1h17m

#417: Austin Baraki, MD – What Do Nutrient Blood Tests Actually Tell Us?: Understanding Biomarkers

Dr. Austin Baraki joins Danny and Alan to critically evaluate the assumption that blood levels of a nutrient directly tell us about overall nutritional status. With many people getting blood tests done outside of clinical settings, there is...


 2021-12-14  1h3m

#416: David Nunan, PhD – Evidence-Informed Health Care: Evidence-based Medicine 2.0

Dr. David Nunan, PhD is a Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford. There, he is the Director of the Postgraduate Certificate in 'Teaching Evidence-Based Health Care' and the lead tutor...


 2021-12-07  48m

#415: Prof. Bruce Neal – Can Salt Substitutes Reduce Cardiac Events & Death?

Bruce Neal is Executive Director at The George Institute for Global Health Australia; and Professor of Medicine, UNSW Sydney. Prof Neal is a UK-trained physician who has 25 years’ experience in clinical, epidemiological, and public health research...


 2021-11-30  46m

#414: Will Machine Learning Overtake Traditional Nutrition Research Methods?

In this episode, the Sigma team discuss the claim that machine learning and data science may overtake traditional research methods in nutrition.  They discuss how machine learning could solve some current limitations of traditional methods,...


 2021-11-24  1h43m