Silhouette Zero: Star Wars Edge of the Empire Actual Play Podcast

SILHOUETTE ZERO is an actual play podcast for Fantasy Flight Games Edge of the Empire, produced by the Ing Brothers. For more information, go to

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episode 27: Episode 47: 2 Jawas, 100 Droids, 20 Force Sensitives, Zero Weapons

Want bonus episodes? Support us at for $1 a month, and you'll get access! Plus you can vote on which game we play! SILHOUETTE ZERO EPISODE 47: 2 Jawas, 100 Droids, 20 Force Sensitives, Zero Weapons While stealing a ship for the REBEL ...


 2017-08-23  43m

episode 26: Episode 46: Slaver on Naboo

Get a FREE BUTTON AT GENCON50! Find Jeff Stormer @PartyofOnePod to get a Silhouette Zero and Party of One Podcast button for free.  EPISODE 46: Having agreed to steal an experimental ship from the GALACTIC EMPIRE, COBY and JINKO have snuck onto a Naboo l...


 2017-08-14  37m

episode 25: Episode 45: This is why I'm not captain

SILHOUETTE ZERO EPISODE 45: THIS IS WHY I'M NOT CAPTAIN Click, along with Reyna, Zeck, and mebmers of the REBEL ALLIANCE, have worked out a well-conceived plan to infiltrate the administration of NABOO and delve into the personal effects of EMPEROR PALPA...


 2017-08-01  44m

episode 24: Episode 44: Otah Bombad, the Dim City

SILHOUETTE ZERO EPISODE 44: OTAH BOMBAD, THE DIM CITY While trying to locate a rare plant in the waters of Naboo for Trixil, CLICK, TAZI, AND JINKO battle Imperial Stormtroopers! They are soon saved by a group of GUNGANS, but then are taken prisoner by t...


 2017-07-25  48m

episode 23: Episode 43: The Smuggler's Ace

SILHOUETTE ZERO EPISODE 43: THE SMUGGLER'S ACE Many episodes ago, JINKO stole a PROPERTY DEED which turned out to be for a lakeside compound on the planet NABOO. Now that the crew has a base of operations, Click investigates their second acquisition: a n...


 2017-07-19  41m

episode 22: Episode 42: The Return of Wink

Can Click escape the clutches of Wink and her Imperial Forces?    Follow us on Twitter: @SilZeroChris and @SilZeroMatt   More of Chris on HEROES OF THE HYDIAN WAY, at 


 2017-07-12  41m

episode 21: Episode 41: Look Out For Ourselves, Simultaneously

With Hadrian Station behind them, permanently, and Jinko's delusions of hyperspace exploration averted, the crew of the SPICE WOLF looks to find a permanent base. But can Coby destroy an entire space station without attracting attention? Can they continu...


 2017-07-04  33m

Episode 40: Standard Operating Procedure

After concluding a "fight" with Crud Vaporator, Click and Jinko must once again ESCAPE FROM HADRIAN STATION. What sort of commotion will Coby cause? And can they pull it off again? 


 2017-06-20  36m

Episode 39: This is embarrassing for both of you

While completing a job for the TENLOSS CORPORATION, Click and Jinko discovered TRIXL, another friend of Reyna's. Wanting to help her escape, Click has staged a death-defying speeder crash and called for help. Will help arrive in time? Or will Tenloss com...


 2017-06-13  41m

Episode 38: I'm starting to think I might be a prisoner

The past has finally caught up to Click and the crew. Their antics on Hadrian Station have forced Click and Jinko into performing a job for the TENLOSS CORPORATION. Will Click's hotshot skills be enough to survive? And who is the mysterious Drall?  Follo...


 2017-06-06  48m