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Intuitive mentor, Tracy Crossley digs deep into topics such as love vs. attachment, relationships & more. Offering intuitive advice & tools to callers.



      It Feels So Safe Here. How Rigid Are You? And Why It's Stopping You.

      When we think of someone who’s rigid, we picture a person who is tightly wound, wearing stuffy clothes and pursed lips… right? Actually, no. Rigidity often shows up dressed to the nines, flashing a smile. Outwardly put together. Things just get serious pretty quickly when you butt up against a rigid person, or mess with the flow of their stream. Know anyone like that? Maybe YOU? Most of us don’t think we’re rigid. We see ourselves as accommodating and go-with-the-flow instead of recogni...


       2016-04-16  1h7m

      Mom, Dad and Guilt Trips Over 30

      Why do we STILL worry about disappointing our parents? Do we really have that much influence over making them happy? Or do we think we have the power to keep them from being sad? When it comes to our relationship with our parents, we quickly slip into old childhood roles. It’s easy to forget we’re grownups too! We second-guess our choices because we’re programmed to think “Daddy (or mommy) knows best.” But when we let our parents’ fear or prejudice or rules dictate our choices, we’re really...


       2016-04-09  58m

      Stop Living The Life Of Other People; Tips to Live Your Own Now.

      Many of us listen to old voices that tell us what we can and cannot do. Often it starts in childhood (i.e. “it’s impossible to succeed as an artist” or “you’re so good at math, you should go into engineering!”). Hear me when I say this… you are NOT obligated to live up to someone else’s expectations. Period. Doing so can result in feeling disconnected and depressed. But here’s the good news: It’s not too late to step into the driver’s seat of your own life. Living your truth requires listeni...


       2016-04-02  1h6m

      Psychic Medium Maria Saganis Tells What It's Like To Be Her.

      On 2.6.16: Listen in on my interview with my friend, Maria Saganis. Since birth Maria has been communicating with the after life. Learn how this gift showed up in her life, how it has affected her life and the lives of others! Maria is an amazing healer and takes what she does in stride, learn about her adventures at haunts, with Rudolph Valentino and much more. Click on this link to find out more:…ast-interview/


       2016-03-29  1h11m

      Dating Guide For The Inept

      I suck at dating. In other words…I feel totally inept. I love myself I do, but when it comes to online dating it is a difficult thing to convey pictures and the written word…at least for me. I know it works, because I know people who are happy together and met this way….but for most of them it was unconventional. Join me in owning who you are and not losing it while dating. I will go through some of the rules to dating (and how they don't apply) and bring some lightness to a topic, which fo...


       2016-03-26  1h6m

      Getting Ready For A Break-Up--When Are You Ready?

      Do you kick people to the curb prematurely? Or say/do things quickly to demonstrate your strong resolve? We're all in an emotional rush move on from things, influenced by the expectations of others. Why do we set these timetables around moving quickly in and out of relationships? Every time we do it, we hurt ourselves. If you're thinking about breaking up with someone, but struggling (one day you feel talked into it, the next day you don't), then you’re not approaching it from the inside. W...


       2016-03-19  1h5m

      Compassion and Perfectionism Don't Mix; Learn How To Feel Good.

      Compassion is defined as benevolence, charity, empathy, grace, kindness, and good will. It’s different from sympathy. You may think you only deserve compassion once you accomplish something(so you deserve it), but then after you accomplish it, you feel you could have done better. It wasn’t perfect. When you’re in a state of comparing or labeling something as not good enough because it’s not perfect, where can compassion live? It cannot exist. This idea that we must show up in a certain way...


       2016-03-12  53m

      Anger Kicking The Habit And Improving All Areas Of Your Life!

      Angry people—we fear them, unsure of when they might blow. Yet at the same time, we have this idea that anger equals strength. While it can certainly bring us to a place of action, is that really the best motivation? There is no shortage of resources and support groups for anger management. It pervades our culture. But the thing is, to really get a grip on anger, you have to look in the mirror and stop blaming others. Our emotional triggers are clues to how we treat ourselves: we didn’t set ...


       2016-03-12  1h8m

      Second Guessing: How it affects your happiness, relationships and life!

      We do not trust ourselves. Our value is at stake. We’ve failed before—what will be different this time? We beat ourselves up about what didn’t work. Our mind starts second guessing what we want to do and what we’ve done in the past (our successes and failures). As a result, we stay stuck, and for a long time. Perhaps a lifetime. We do this with relationships, work and even something as simple as going out to dinner. The worst part is it keeps us away from our dreams. Learn how to stop second ...


       2016-03-05  1h6m

      Self-Love With Psychic Medium Maria Saganis

      I’ve brought back Psychic Medium Maria Saganis to talk about self-love: what it is and what it isn’t. While it’s a serious topic that deserves awareness and attention, we had some funny, light-hearted moments discussing boundaries (or lack thereof!) and keeping our mouths shut so as not to disappoint someone. Self-esteem is directly linked to how much you love yourself, so it’s time to step up the self-care. To learn about Maria, visit…ast-interview/.


       2016-02-27  1h8m