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SinCast - Episode 63 - Bracket Busting the Best of the Best!

Join SinCast for some EPIC matchups in the Best of the Best Tournament! Pulp Fiction vs. Stand By Me? There Will Be Blood vs. Lost in Translation?? Dark Knight vs. F*cking Rocky??? Expect the unexpected as the guys continue to pit great movie against great movie in the battle for the best!

View the bracket and make YOUR picks here! imgur...


 2017-03-20  2h8m

SinCast - Episode 62 - It's MADNESS!!! Best of the Best Bracket Tournament

Join the SinCast crew as they take a deep dive into some wacky matchups, pitting one great movie against another to make increasingly hilarious and frustrating decisions... Do the Right Thing vs. A Few Good Men? Got it. The Right Stuff vs. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Done. No Country for Old Men vs...


 2017-03-13  2h0m

SinCast - LOGAN - Bonus Episode!

The SinCast fellers dig on into that ol' superhero western Wolverine movie, Logan! As one of the best-reviewed comic book movies of the last several years... does it deserve the praise? Were the performances and story good enough to tie up the Logan/Wolverine storyline, for better or worse? Find out on a brand new MINIPOD!

Spoiler-free talk until 15:45 for those that haven't seen the movie. 

We'll be back on Monday for a new episode of SinCast...


 2017-03-08  43m

SinCast - GET OUT - Bonus Episode!

Join SinCast for an in-depth MINIPOD(!) look at the biggest and best hit of the year so far, Get Out... From the direction to the performances to the script, it's one of the smartest movies to come out in a while, and the SinCast crew is ready to Get Down on Get Out...


 2017-03-07  41m

SinCast - Episode 61 - We Lost, By the Way: Oscars and Bracketology

Join SinCast for a rousing review of the 2017 Academy Awards... All the surprises, upsets and Timberboners you can handle!

Also, the guys continue the opening round of the Best of the Best Tournament. Two masterpieces square off... in the first round! An emotional classic goes against a modern love story! An action tour de force vs a moral quandary! Who will win? Find out on this week's SinCast!

Note: This episode was recorded prior to the sudden and sad passing of Bill Paxton...


 2017-03-06  2h11m

SinCast - Episode 60 - The BEST of the Best Tournament: Round 1

Welcome to the opening round of the Official SinCast Best of the Best Tournament! This bracket-based battle royale pits great movies against each other that have NO business doing so! Rushmore vs. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade! The Departed vs. Close Encounters of the Third Kind! Sideways vs. L.A. Confidential... wait, that's seriously a matchup? WTF?!?!

Find out which movies make it officially into the bracket and those that will move on to the round of 32...


 2017-02-27  2h14m

SinCast - Episode 59 - The BEST of the Best: Battle for the Best Movie Since We've Been Alive

Some of you asked for it, some of you demanded it, some of you were mildly interested... here's something for all three! The SinCast crew breaks down the previous winners of the "best of the years we've been alive" segment, pits them against each other, along with other incredible movies that didn't win their year. 

Join the guys as they unveil their picks for the best of the best, and who plays who in each round! Play along by printing or viewing your own bracket at http://imgur...


 2017-02-20  1h56m

SinCast - Episode 58 - Here's to the Ones Who Dream: 2016 in Film

The SinCast crew finally puts a bow on 2016 by reviewing the best (and worst) of the year. From quietly huge Star Wars stories to lackluster blockbusters, all the way to an excellent last few months, the guys have you covered! 

Also, the guys are joined by movie critic extraordinaire and all around amazing guy Aaron Dicer of the Your Movie Friend YouTube channel and the SiftPop Podcast on iTunes. Tweet him up @aarondicer on the Tweeter...


 2017-02-13  2h22m

SinCast - Episode 57 - You Got Hosed: Best Un-Nominated Movie Roles

They may not technically be snubs... but the fellas from SinCast run down the greatest un-nominated performances in film. From Goodman to Scorcese to Zero Dark Thirty, there are a ton of missed opportunities to award greatness. 

Also, the greatness continues on "WTF: They Didn't Win?!?!" The results may surprise you.....


 2017-02-06  2h9m

SinCast - Episode 56 - Blood, Sweat, and Gummy Bears: THEATER STORIES, VOL. 4!

Join the SinCast crew as they tell the best stories from their combined 30+ years of movie theater experience! From corporate insults, a Harry Potter clusterf*ck, dads with rifles, and various on-screen fluids, the guys have you covered. 

Also, since we're smack in the middle of Oscar season, Chris, Jeremy and Barrett break down the best categories in Oscar history. Each entry will shock, amaze, and titilate...


 2017-01-30  2h8m