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SinCast - Episode 55 - Forging Ahead: 2017 Movie Resolutions

Join SinCast for a discussion about movie resolutions for 2017... Movies that don't suck! Going outside the box! Many, many more!

Plus, the guys chat with in-demand storyboarder and all-around awesome guy Jeremy Simser, who plots out scenes from your favorite TV shows and movies and has worked with everyone from Kevin Smith to Doug Liman. Enjoy hearing about the coolest job you didn't know about...


 2017-01-23  1h51m

SinCast - Episode 54 - The SinCast Awakens: 2015 in Film

Join SinCast for a deep dive into what feels like only yesterday 2015! This was an outstanding year for movies and put forth several contenders for the best of the year...


 2017-01-16  2h1m

SinCast - Episode 53 - Everything Is Awesome: 2014 in Film

Join SinCast for a deep and satisfying dive into a fun year in movie history, 2014! You remember 2014, right? It was all the way back before there were more than 6 Star Wars movies! 

Which will win the crown for best of the year? A toy movie that will charm you until you say "Honey, where are my pants?" A sadistic music teacher? A Cruise that can't stay dead? An unexpected Marvel hit? 

Also, the guys answer a boatload of questions about secondary villains, movie bands,...


 2017-01-09  2h13m

SinCast - Episode 52 - Dude, Where's 2016?

In honor of the new year's celebration, the SinCast crew breaks down their favorite party scenes/movies. The level of depravity is strong in this discussion, so don't miss it!

Also, join the guys for a trip through 2013, exploring space, drugs, AI relationships and everything that's not that...


 2017-01-02  2h6m

SinCast - Episode 51 - We Have A Hulk: 2012 in Film

Join SinCast for a breakdown of a terrific year in film, 2012. This is a year that brought us assembling Avengers, rising Dark Knights, and a Spider-Man that was amazingly unnecessary! A terrific amount of great non-superhero movies also debuted, including Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, and The Master...


 2016-12-26  2h5m

SinCast - ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY - Bonus Episode!

The SinCast crew takes a deep dive into Rogue One in an all new Minipod! How did this rebel contingent hold up against the O.G. Star Wars features? Do we need more Death Star stories? Was the antagonist a wiseacre? Find out on the SinCast Rogue One Bonus Episode!

We'll be back on Monday for a new episode of SinCast. Keep in touch! Tweet us @cinemasins, comment on SoundCloud, ( subscribe to the subreddit (https://www.reddit...


 2016-12-20  37m

SinCast - Episode 50 - Ghost Protocols and Marvel's Ground Zero: 2011 in Film

Join SinCast on its Golden anniversary to recap a very interesting year in cinema, 2011! Unbelievable action, superb family dramas, and at least 2 batches of very funny women lead the pack in the discussion. Also, we've confirmed Michael Fassbender had a lot of movie sex in 2011. 


For something completely different... Santa! Scrooge! Classic Christmas movies! The guys will talk about their favorites and suggest some twists on beloved films...


 2016-12-19  2h9m

SinCast - Episode 49 - Now You Sell Me 2

Join SinCast for a discussion of a year in film that has very distinct bright spots: 2010! From thrilling dreamscapes to one last score to a socially awkward networker, the guys have you covered. 


Also, it's time for Sell This Movie... Vol. 2! The crew take turns pimping movies that are either underseen or underapprectiated. A tense story about a police vehicle, a group of Western anarchists, and an American Sherlock are just a few examples.....


 2016-12-12  2h2m

SinCast - Episode 48 - The Critic: Reviewing Reviewers of Film

The SinCast crew is joined by professional movie critic Aaron Dicer, who is here to share insights on critical philosophy, handshake deals, and a deep love of Pixar. You can find his excellent reviews of recent movies at: and in the SiftPop podcast:

Also, a wild year in film is discussed: 2009! Tarantino! Clooney! A flying house! Pandora! Um.....


 2016-12-05  2h12m

SinCast - Episode 47 - Let's Put a Smile on That Face: 2008 in Film

Join SinCast for a hilarious tour through another excellent year in cinema, 2008! The guys discuss the contenders (and otherwise) for the best of the year, which include killer clowns, dutiful robots, surprising Marvel characters, and an epic walk. 2008 is also one of the best years of comedy in the last 10 years. 


All this plus a boatload of questions are answered...


 2016-11-28  2h10m