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Join in on the SinCast discussion about the latest offering in the HPCU (Harry Potter Cinematic Universe... is that a thing? It should be a thing), Fantastic Beasts and How to Easily Lose Them in a Highly Populated City! Everything is covered, from the weak and strong characters, to the links to the original series, to the hosts' utter inability to properly pronounce "Grindelwald."


Spoiler-free talk goes up to 12:48 for those who haven't seen the movie...


 2016-11-22  37m

SinCast - Episode 46 - Milkshakes, Mysteries, and Memories: 2007 in Film

There Will Be No Country for Juno, since she was Knocked Up by Michael Clayton, so she's Gone Baby Gone on the 3:10 to Yuma to be a Waitress, serving some Superbad Ratatouille. It's 2007 in film!


Also, the guys take a ton of listener questions, including best documentaries, best titles, and recent movies that would blow the minds of audiences a generation ago...


 2016-11-21  2h10m

SinCast - ARRIVAL - Bonus Episode!

Join SinCast for a review of one of the highest-rated movies of the year, Arrival! It's a movie that will make you think, feel, and marvel, just when we need it the most. 


Spoiler-free talk goes up to 9:24 for those who haven't seen the movie. Also, you should go see this movie. 


We'll be back on Monday for a new episode of SinCast. Keep in touch! Tweet us @cinemasins, comment on SoundCloud, (https://soundcloud...


 2016-11-16  36m

SinCast - Episode 45 - We're F*cked: Movies about the Apocalypse

Join the SinCast crew as they go on a deep dive into movies about the END TIMES, for no reason in particular... Whether it's zombies, nukes, viruses, aliens, or The Rapture, SinCast has you covered!


Also, the guys explore the year of 2006 in cinema. Some heavy hitters and overall favorites emerged this year, along with a strong lineup of contenders for best of the year...


 2016-11-14  1h57m

SinCast - DOCTOR STRANGE - Bonus Episode!

To soothe your Election angst, CinemaSins is back with a new MINIPOD for the big autumn hit film Doctor Strange! The newest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a story filled with mysticism, multiple dimensions, and, for some reason, punching. The crew break down what did and didn't work in the latest superhero offering, and you may be surprised by their conclusion! 


Spoilers begin at 7:48 for those that haven't yet forgotten everything they thought they knew.....


 2016-11-08  35m

SinCast - Episode 44 - What's This?: Holiday Movie Review

Just in time for the season, join SinCast for a rundown of their favorite holiday movies, from a Thanksgiving road trip to a zany Scrooge all the way to a surprisingly famous New Year's Eve party. The movies that tug at our heartstrings and make us laugh hysterically all make the list. Also, there are two that feature machine guns!


Also, the guys break down a controversial year in cinema: 2005...


 2016-11-07  2h11m

SinCast - Episode 43 - Who Cares About This Stupid Election?


Join SinCast for a spirited discussion about politics in movies, where all of us Americans can escape until November 9th. Between All the Presidents Men, Election, Wag the Dog, etc., Hollywood has given us more than enough to chew on over the years. Some of it is inspirational. Some is scary. Some is downright terrifying. The guys have all of it covered!


Also, the CinemaSins crew take on a very good year in film: 2004. So much to choose from.....


 2016-10-31  2h19m

SinCast - Episode 42 - Who Do You Trust? - Show and Tell in Movies

Join SinCast for a discussion about why filmmakers feel the need to hold the audience's hands in the introduction of movies, rather than presenting a world for us to experience. Why does this happen? How do you fix it? The CinemaSins crew has some possible solutions... 


Also, the guys dig into the mailbag and answer a ton of listener questions...


 2016-10-24  2h7m

SinCast - Episode 41 - Feeling the Feels: Emotional Moments in Movies


Join SinCast for a rundown of movie moments that make us feel real emotions. From pools of sadness to triumphant chills and everything in between...  These are the moments that wake up the feelings in all of us. Feel with us, baby!


Also, the best movies of 2002 are covered, a solid year in movie history. So many movies to discuss.....


 2016-10-17  2h3m

SinCast - Episode 40 - October Sky: Talking Horror Movies

Join the SinCast crew as they welcome the guys from Modern Horrors  to discuss the current state of horror movies! From psychological scares to atmospheric impact to subsonic (!) noises, the various aspects of the genre are explored. What works? What needs to be fixed? What is Deathgasm??? 


Also, the mercurial cinematic year of 2001 is reviewed.....


 2016-10-10  2h9m